Hot married sex: How to arrange booties calls more secretly?
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How to be a “tighter” couple with the help of married sex?

Are you married? Are you in a serious relationship that has lasted for years? Then this article is for you!

As you might have already known, people are naturally born polygamic. Having just one sexual partner (this is the only CRUCIAL con of being married!) is against the very essence of our living. This is why so many people are looking for married personals online.

You may love someone to death BUT you may also want to have sex with more than one person (no matter how deeply in love you are with your “official” partner).

Such statement does not concern absolutely ALL people on Earth. One may be prone to above mentioned feelings and some not. Mind also that if you are not looking that way now, you can change your mind in future (after sometime 10 years of marriage).

Why else do you thinks there are so many married dating sites in the Web today? Why else do you think they are rather popular among people from 27 to 55?

What kinds of people go for Bootie Calls?

Total monogamy is hardly bearable. You have to be a Natural-Born One-Woman-Man in order to succeed. However, you can’t run against the flow of blood and cure the “polygamy-virus”.

Literally millions and millions of men go for bootie calls and practice adultery. Even though, they still LOVE their wives (and long-term girlfriends)!

As you can see, sex and strong affection sometimes follow different directions and nothing can be done about it. You can’t resist something that is hidden deep in your consciousness and programmed into your DNA. This is why men search for married single other women:

  • Daily chores and life routine
  • Boring sexual life after years of “sleeping” with one partner
  • Men are HUNTERS – they need to catch more prey (instincts!)
  • The feeling of being old result to the desire to have sex with younger ladies to assert oneself

Enjoying the Swing: Why people crave for it?

In order to solve the above-mentioned problem, some local married women and men (it is easier that way) gather together and “go swinging”.

It is not considered to be adultery as both partners are engaged. As a matter of fact, swing provides so MUCH emotion (to both body and spiritual world) that all other people’s problems merely go away.

Intimacy within a married couple restores once again and sometimes even MORE than before the marriage!

When married housewives are the hottest?

They are the horniest right when men stop paying attention to them. The desire to be wanted and lusted once again is the main reason why married women looking for men so often these days.

They are lusty and busty, and sexy, and horny so BEWARE: naughty milfs and cougars are ready for the hunt too!