Women’s Clothing that Drives Men Wild

Women's Clothing that Drives Men Wild

Seeing the smile on his face is something that makes dressing up very much worthwhile. But staying away from underwear and away from dressing up in full costume there are certain items that you may already own that do the trick. These items are in your wardrobe and will certainly boost your confidence and his mojo. Just think of your partner unable to keep his eyes off you in clothes that can easily be picked up off your shelf or in the high street, you just need to know what they are. Read on for our top tips to drive men wild.

Oversized Shirt
This is an easy place to start, and the simple ones are often the best. Not only do you probably own an oversized shirt or nighty already, but add something naughty by wearing his oversized shirt. Men love it when you flash a hint of skin without really trying or ‘knowing’. Show him you are relaxed and comfortable with being in the house in his shirt, leaving your scent on his clothing is an even bigger turn on. With him knowing that you have very little on, if anything underneath his shirt will certainly drive him wild.

The neck, shoulders and upper chest is a very sexy and sensual place on a lady. Not just to touch and kiss but visually these areas drive men crazy. An off the shoulder jumper or dress doesn’t say raunchy but it does say sexy. You can still be very classy and cover up the rest of your body if need be, but the upper chest and shoulder exposure will drive him wild. This type of top also suggests you are comfortable and confident with your body and being off the shoulder you can suggest being fun and flirty without having to actually act that way.

These are currently all the rage, if you don’t own a pair of yoga pants then you can pick them up at your nearest store. Yoga pants accentuate your best parts, your legs and bum and make them look the best they can be. Yoga pants may also have a positive influence on you to actually do some yoga or to wear a full ‘workout’ outfit that makes sense. But either way men will be lapping up every second of you in these pants, get yourself a pair. Greet him at home in a pair of yoga pants or slip them on for your next dog walk together, and trust me he will be wanting to get home sharpish.

The Thighs
Of course, as we know the thighs are an erogenous zone and somewhere that men see as a big turn on visually. Thigh highs are an alternative to tights where they do the job of a tight but also leave a little skin to the imagination. Thigh highs exaggerate your long legs, especially in high heels, and with the extra hint of skin at the top together with a dress or skirt and the men will be bumping into things as they look at you. These can be used as a sexy piece or to relax in as they are super comfy for us as we shop for more clothes!