Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you

hot girl secretRestricted area: every woman has little secrets she prefers not to share with you.

It is quite natural to learn as much as possible about our partners when it comes to new relations starting. However, very often we get the information not compatible with the “calm and happy” life. According to Men’sHealt journal, there are things you don’t need to know about your dame (let’s wait, maybe someday we’ll get the same “taboos list” about men). Here are just some of them:

1. Names of her “exes.” Information about her previous relations might be helpful when you try to understand the key points of her behavior in current relations. However, very often it leads to needless anxiety and unjustified suspicions.

2. Her salary. Except for those cases when it comes to living together, marriage or kids’ education, questions connected with her profit may be concerned as tactless.

3. Her ring size. Without serious intentions, connected with your mutual future, info about her ring size is just an extra load for your memory.

4. The name of the perfume she uses. The questions about makeup, perfumes, “waxing time” are the kinds of questions that can be discussed only with her best friends. Moreover, this information is hardly useful, just believe!