How Women Can Have the Best Orgasm

how to improve womens orgasm

People you may know may have told you about their amazing orgasms and you might not believe them but in reality, they are completely possible. This is the case if you know what to do and there are many different techniques you can use to improve your orgasms. So, read on to find out just how you can enhance your orgasms and take them to the next level.

Delay Your Orgasm

Edging is the term that is used to control your orgasm. It is the point where you almost orgasm but then hold yourself back. Delaying your orgasm in this way is one of the best ways to climax because you are taking your body to the brink before giving in and allowing that intense orgasm to take over you.

Hit the G-Spot

The G-spot is that magical area that you should pay attention to. During intercourse or even a spot of private playtime with your favourite time, it is possible to use a number of positions to hit the spot. Doggy style works particularly well as the tip hits the spot in a natural way while being on top will give you total control.

Focus on the Breathing

Sex can be classed as a form of exercise and so, breathing is extremely important as it control the heart rate and muscles. Therefore, try synchronising your breathing with your partner and once you feel the climax coming, slow your breathing down as this will help you to delay your orgasm before letting it all go!

Use the Clitoris

Stimulating the clitoris in a number of ways will really help you to climax hard. You can get this from using toys, fingers or even the mouth but paying attention to the clitoris will ensure a glorious orgasm.

woman orgasm


Choose the Right Position

This is one of the more obvious things that you can do because once you find a position or several positions that work for you, you can control the pleasure however you wish. Those positions that have you in an upright position are the ones that can really enhance your orgasm as it causes the blood to flow to all those areas that matter!

Kegel Exercises

The pelvic muscles play a huge part in your orgasm and so, the stronger they are, the more intense the orgasm will be. The pelvic floor muscles support the uterus, bladder and the rectum and they all play a part during sexual intercourse.

Tell Your Partner What You Want

When you are getting intimate with your partner, do not shy away from telling them what you want. This can be something that is completely out of the norm for you both but if it gets you going then they should be up for it. The trick is to be open and honest because that will make asking for things a lot easier. Once you start telling your partner what you want, you will soon find that your orgasms are simply breath-taking.

It is not as difficult as it seems

That perfect orgasm is not that difficult even if you once believed that it was. The trick is to help ease your body into the moment by following some or all of the tips above. Once you find something that works for you, you will soon find that your orgasms are out of this world!