Why Men Don’t Want to Get Married?

not ready for marriage
Clean shirts, hot dinners and warmed up bed is not enough for a modern man to get married to a woman whom he loves (even like that!) There is much more in the whole tying the knot thing for men as women might usually assume. Brace yourself as you are going to find out about TOP-6 male requirements as for the “creating a family unit” stuff.

Sexual Harmony

It is here where his sexual abilities, endurance and skills have to match with your desires in bed. Satisfying his woman right is one of the most vital aspirations for modern men. Basically, it’s a good thing but if something goes wrong, you have to intervene and “help”.

Safe Household

His apartment is his heaven. It is the place where he starts his career conquests and it is his dominion where he is the boss and the head. Try to make your common apartment cozy and comfortable for him too (take into consideration his desires as well, even if they are “wrong” from your point of view).

Common Life Goals

Family is not going to be harmonious if he’s a high flyer while you are a housewife who wants lots of kids or vice versa. Passion usually tends to go away and these are antihuman relations, sharing common interests and hobbies which matter after the family life starts.

Family Schematics

We all try to build our families on the example of how our parents did. Therefore, try to figure out more about how they used to live and see whether some schematics “fit” into the family model which you find ideal personally for you. Compromise is the key!

Conquer All

Men are ambitious. Even if your guy is not an alpha male, he wants to win competitions despite that fact too! Therefore, your character has to fix as well as other abovementioned factors. Once again – passion merely fades away with time. All that is left really matters after all.


No matter how trivial it sounds but love, not passion, makes the marriage go round. Make sure you are 150% committed to your guy and that he is even 200% committed to you. If both of you are, then the family is just a matter of the nearest future.