Warning signs in virtual love: it’s easy to run into a fake when you play cyber sex games

virtual love and sex

The Great Land of Thousand Love Stories, the coolest place for meeting like-minders and making tons of friends, the biggest scam of modernity… Whatever the names you call modern adult Web, you can’t change its essence: be it a free adult dating site or top-class online chat sites for adults, the main goal of those specially designed services is giving real chances for modern people to have full-fledged, healthy sexual and romantic relations in reality.

On the other hand, an ordinary online dating agency providing free web-services to a rather wide range of unpretentious web-residents is a true Shangri-La for various scammers fixing their foul deeds in the guise of innocent love search.

Fortunately, most modern adult users can easily recognize most cheaters’ dirty tricks and avoid most dangerous traps. As for newbies, some of those tender fellas may need some help to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Make attention and intuition your faithful allies guiding you in virtual dating

Actually, relying on your own experience as well as making your own decisions concerning many life situations makes a rather useful habit you may need to develop ASAP. However, to gain helpful experience in avoiding unpleasant situations in online dating you will need the following short guide containing the most common warning signs telling you that your potential love mate is not sincere enough in his intentions:

– Extravagant “About Me” stories in most cases are nothing but an attempt to throw dust in your eyes.

– Your date refrains from having a webcam chat with you. Actually, this one is a kinda controversial point (I know a couple of nerds who really hate web cams!) but I’d keep this nuance in my mind – just in case!

– Your lover’s image gallery looks neglected. For most people having fun with online dating services, it’s natural to upload latest images in their personal dating galleries to let potential mates feel all the diversity of their (galleries owners’) lives. In this regard, it seems quite strange to me that someone who tries to win my heart adds just a few of outdated shots to personal dating profile. I’d ask that shyler for a couple of actual self-shots before making another step in our relations.

– His/her dating profiles contain just a few common phrases about his/her personality. Well, ain’t that fishy? I mean, how can I trust someone who provides no personal information in his/her profile? Every love story needs an initial point to start from. In most cases, this point is nothing but a community of both lovers’ interests, dreams and hopes. Don’t know about you, but in my eyes an empty questionnaire looks the same hopeless as a piece of unfertile desert for a diligent farmer!