Want to diversify your sexual life – take good care of your shape

Recent news from Jamaica can encourage the lovers of the active way of life. In particular, any exercise aimed to improve your cardiovascular condition builds endurance that will make you real “bedroom performer,” state local scientists.

Dr. Sidney McGill, the sex therapist, is convinced that some physical exercises provide a wonderful way to change the quality of human sexual life for better.

“When you exercise, your hormones secrete all sorts of endorphins as well, and this makes you feel good. So you have all these endorphins that make you feel good about yourself and you start looking good and all of those positive assets are going to improve your intimate relationships,” comments McGill.

As for specific “steps” that will make good changes in your relations, here are some of them:

– strength-training exercises (weight lifting, etc.). Help to resolve issues with your back, weak bones and “bad muscles;”

– push-ups are perfect for your arms and chest allowing them to withstand considerable strain (for example, weight of your beloved one);

– doing aerobics increases your blood flow that provides a stable level of blood pressure for you, which, in its turn impacts your performance;

– yoga. Twisting and turnings will help you to try something new connected with different “tilt angles” during a sexual game.