Check Out a New Ultimate One Night Stand Guide

one night stand guide
You know Durex, right? They make condoms and stuff. However, they are also popular for their fascinating polls. According to their latest surveys, 54% of women have pretty much-thrilled emotions and uplifted spirits after having a one night stand with someone they barely know before. In addition, 51% of women think that having sex without being in love is absolutely normal (thanks, libido!) However, before having it off with a “stranger” you have to cover TOP-10 basic one-night stand rules which save your… well, moral welfare, at least. Check’em out right now!

What a Heck is NSA?

This abbreviation stands for No Strings Attached. It means that you hook up with a guy (or girls, it’s up to you), nothing serious happens between the two of you in future. You might not even see each other for the rest of your life. The main thing is that the one night stand must imply zero emotions before and after it happens.

Sex, sex, and nothing but sex. No feelings, no remorse, no mercy and no romance. Physical attraction? Hell, yeah! Emotional connection? NO! Make sure to your guy that you don’t need his breakfasts and all the dating stuff.

Choose a Guy You Know

Any of your hot bar acquaintances will do just fine. Always try to pick up studs you know at least a little. Avoid complete strangers from the street as they might come out maniacs or something like that. Once again – choose a guy from a place you usually hang out at. If something goes wrong, you could always change the drinking place.

one night sex
If you don’t know a guy well enough to trust him but if he attracts you like Hercules turns on Aphrodite, try to get laid in a “neutral territory”. Try to avoid his place and NEVER go for one night stands at yours.

“Isn’t It Freedom You Are Looking For?”

One night stand is a perfect time for sex experiments. If there is something you always wanted to try in bed but due to misfortune reasons did not can be easily materialized in a bed with a guy who shares your worldview in terms of this pretty much.

Never Forget About Mr. Cuddles

Although neither you nor your one-night stand partner is emotionally connected, cuddling is good anyways. Sex gives physical satisfaction while cuddling gives moral. The both are needed for the whole venture successful accomplishment.