TOP-7 Iron Signs that Your New Guy is a “Player”

guy is cheating player
Players are called men who pretend to be in love but the only thing that matters to them is getting under your skirt. Being sex partners with you is everything they actually need. Although players are experienced and apt lovers, some women (what about you?) need a lot more than a “simple” physical.

In order not to fall into a trap, you are strongly recommended to cover the following TOP-7 signs of your new boyfriend being a total… player. Are you ready to expose him? Go!

Planning Is Good

Shall your guy make plans for how to spend weekends or where to go on Christmas, then he is definitely into something serious with you? On the contrary, shall your guy be gallant and thoughtful only right here and right now at this very moment of time, then it is only sex he craves from you.

Who His Friends Are?

It is a very, very bad sign if you cannot answer this question. In case you are unable to enumerate at least two or three of his “decent and solid” friends, then he’s a complete player or even worse – gigolo! Those Tomcats need both sex and the money so stay sharp! Mind that such guys hang out at various adult online dating sites most of the time.

He Has Friends but They Are… Other Dates

Stay sharp! Any guy who tells you that “it was just a dinner between friends” but you know that the restaurant costs tons of $$$, is a complete liar. Friends drink at cheap bars, not posh cafes.

Oh, that’s a cagey one!

Imagine yourself calling your new bf out of blue and him reacting astoundingly rudely and pretty much explosively. Experience vividly demonstrates that in such moments players are usually with other girls whom they are “working up” on sex behind your back. Totally a PLAYER who likes hooking up hotties at cyber chat rooms and other services!

Other Room – Other Woman

Here’s another “phone sign”: if your guy ignores certain calls or takes them ONLY in the other room all the time, then this villain macho has to be taught a good lesson. Next time he’ll “has to take this one in another room”, you stand up and just leave.

Suspiciously Stressed of SMS

First two months of any relationship make both people excited, thrilled and captivated. A couple of months are generally enough for the two to settle down and see who is who. However, before that happens everything seems pink and shiny unless… your guy always looks stressed (apart from being in bed with you). Constant sending of SMS and “phone checks” during BP signifies that he is into casual adult dating trying to have sex with as many women as possible.

Shady Thoughts in a Shady Mind

Remember that some men are bad liars. They have the guts to date a couple of women at once and use them for sex but more than 70% are poor in hiding this fact. Constant mood shifts and this clear image that “there is definitely something i-can’t-tell-you-what happing”. Well, it’s called the conscience and it’s freaking eating every cheating liar from inside! Just watch for signs.