TOP-10 Unexpected Signs of a Lying Boyfriend

Those vicious males know how to fool us. However, the most recent research came out with 10 awesome tricks how to catch a lying boyfriend red handed. Right here and right now you are going to get an invaluable knowledge only few women know about. Are you ready?

“Uh, warm nose? How’s that helping?”

Take this one very seriously. Remember that the tip of your guy’s nose gets warm when this treacherous villain is lying to you about what has he been doing the other evening, for example. Watch out!

Hold Back the Leg

Women’s legs are meant for admiration, men’s legs are meant for spotting a shameless liar. Watch this: lying guys usually wrap chairs or other objects with their legs and intentionally “don’t tell about the whole thing happening”.

For Professionals Only

Good liar always has a well-prepared story to tell. If the pause between your tricky questions and his lame answers is evidently too long, that Tomcat is in trouble.

Alphabet Lying

Fishy story is a difficult one to crack it open. However, use the following trick and the victory is yours: good lying goes in a,b,c,d set of events, one after another. Therefore, if you think that your boyfriend is a strict phony – ask him to tell you the same story in c,a,b,d sequence and… watch his helpless fear!

Shoulder – Boulder – Moulder

Is he shaking his shoulders while telling you: “I stayed at work till night…”? Oh, that one is one big fat liar!
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“Hey, babe, you are not going to believe it but…”

Oh, yeah! You won’t believe any “but” you hear from your boyfriend anymore! “I know you find it strange but…” – don’t even thing to believe in that nonsense he is going to tell next.

Give Him a Lipstick

Every liar subconsciously licks his lips like they are sore before telling something which is not completely true or… totally invented on the spot. Mind here that such guy is not only a liar but… a mentally weak coward.

Bazoo Almost True

Some liars are so confident in their bulldust and determined about what they say that start staring in your eyes for longer than enough making the situation uncomfortable personally for you. “Look, I tell truth as I look straight into your eyes!” – that is what they try to tell.

Liar Till the End

Even if you call him out for a moment you are 100% sure he is lying about and he still continues to tell his foolish stories – your guy is a complete liar who uses every tiny straw of hope on his road to salvation but encounters… your condemnation.

Mind Games

When a person tells lies, he or she subconsciously touches his/her chin, “facepalms” or scratches a nose. These people are rookie liars who haven’t learned how to control what they say and do yet. However, they are learning!