THIS Is What Men Dream About in Sex!

men sex dream

Few men share their sexual fantasies and erotic desires, and dirty dreams to their beloved “better-halves”. Some men just fear of how nasty they are, some men prefer to hide their “other, naughty identity” in order not to scare away women they love. As a result, you have to guess and assume what in the whole world your bf wants in bed. However, there are some things you should better not know about…


You will never find a man who wants to be bored by sex. Our machos usually work hard in order to provide for us. Therefore, sex is one of the few things they can enjoy. It is here where spontaneity shows itself the most. Sometimes they want just grab a random hottie on the street and shag her hard once. No strings attached – just animal sex.

“I’d like to see how others do it…”

Nearly 1/4 of all men would like to see at least once how other couples do it in real life. Even despite the fact that they KNOW that the whole process is going to be gross and repulsive, the desire itself is strong.

Hard Catch

Men are hunters by nature. They have to conquer, make war and then make love. Some men dream to shag their lady-bosses, celebrities, your best friends, etc. You are already his however other women are not.

Group Sex

The hornier a man is a certain period of time, the more members of group sex are there in his dreams. The fact that it is, once again, a rather gross thing… imagination doesn’t show that. Shock comes when everything turns out real.

Change of Scenery

Sometimes males get too bored to have sex at home and… dream about having it at an exotic place somewhere far away. In addition, WC’s at discos, restaurants or cafes do fine. Some men wish to have sex in a room next to where other members of a party, for example, hang out.


There are men who want women to be in charge, to command them and dominate in bed. Role-playing where you are the Snow Queen and he is a weak’n’shy fella grabs their imagination tight.

“Soft” Adultery

adult sex

The most widely spread fantasy – your man shags other hotties but… returns to you every time because you cook for him, raise his kinds, wash dishes, do the house cleaning, etc. Therefore, those are DREAMS and nothing more!