Stop ruining your best chances of Big Love. It’s time to change some of your habits!

stop ruin relationshipEvery day, every night people look for love. At least it is widely believed that vast majority of adult human being just can’t live without a love mate. This is why people really care about successful romantic relations in spite of their life or religious beliefs. Well, if you ask me, I’d say that it’s Sincere Friendship, not Big Love that makes living together really joyful and happy. In other words, to win a door prize at the entrance into adulthood, you need something more than sweet rêves d’amour, that’s for sure!

On the other hand, millions of modern adult fun seekers in United Kingdom, USA, and Australia aren’t actually fond of going steady with a long-term love mate. The pros of adult hookups look more tempting and affordable to those dames and gents who don’t actually want to spend too much of their time on building love nest with another come-and-go paramour. It’s not that I’m trying to judge them for that, not at all! The fact of the matter is that one day everybody feels the urge to find someone able to come into a vacancy in his/her heart, and I’m not talking about local adult dating right now.

Fortunately for you, chap, the search engine of Love is embedded in your mind which gives you real chance to find that one and only chick able to turn your life into a fairy tale (at least for the first three-six months of your coupledom). Still, there are lots of pesky things inside your brain you should get rid of in order to make your love search 100% efficient.

The most malicious things here are… some of your precious habits. Surprise!!! IMHO, the world of men’s habits is quite interesting and very intriguing but there’s a whole mess of those “inner helpers” every man should throw to the sidelines when it comes to affaire d’amour. In fact, you don’t actually don’t need to try hard to ruin your chances of finding the Great L. It’s usually enough to do the following things to forget about happy relations once and for all:

Being a couch potato. I know it would be more that wonderful if your life mate-to-be could knock on your door just by some twist of fate. But what a hey! It’s time to forget about all those romantic movies’ clichés and try to do something with your couch disease. Be patient and don’t try to find a partner of your dreams right away, just go out to have some fun with other human beings. As for romance, it will find you when it’s your time.

Avoiding the spirit of adventure. That’s right, romance and adventure are often close to each other. It doesn’t mean you should travel the world searching for the Princess of Your Heart. The main thing here is to keep your soul open to experience life’s going to share with you.

Live in the past. We don’t live in the past or the future as you know; we live in the here and now, and the present is that only thing that makes us confident and happy. Thus to find a girlfriend or life mate you shouldn’t mark time, and dwell on your victories from the past. Moreover, if your life experience in the field of romance is kinda unfortunate, it means you weren’t actually ready for adult life. So, it’s about time to forget about those troublous times and try your luck again!

Making excuses for being alone. Well, if you feel OK with being alone, it’s absolutely normal. On the other hand, if you want to win Her heart stop making silly excuses for not being by Her side in case of need. Seriously, mate, you’d better forget about self-pity, and stop losing every chance Cupid gives you again and again!