Scientists: Shopping Makes Us Younger?

shopping together

Nice! Recent researchers have shown that shopping actual keeps us young. Once we stop being interested in buying new things and stuff, we get old “officially”.

The whole thing is the following: a group of senior citizens (as well as their relatives) were polled about how they feel about shopping. The sad fact is that those people reported being feeling officially old right after the interest towards going shopping vanishes. Another interesting fact is that as long you maintain doing shops on your own, as long people “don’t consider you old”.

Although the research seems to be rather fascinating, one thing arises suspicion. The fact is that the “test” dealt with shopping food without taking into consideration clothes. Therefore, consider the following: will they NOT think of you being old, if you go out dressed in a fancy grandma’s 40’s skirt and do “grocery shopping” on your own? Well, it will be adorable at least, still strange.

shopping makes us young

By and large, one thing this research has shown us for sure: people are afraid of aging and try to “delay” this process at least morally, if not physically. No matter how hard we try and how many undoubtedly valuable researches we run, years won’t stop fading away and making us funny-old-folks when we turn 70. Maybe we should stop doing tests, polls, investigations and finally start living to the full?