Sexual superstition: native features are not always pleasant

sexual not very pleasant
Everyone knows that each culture has its own sexual traditions and rules. Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender can provide us with many examples of various aspects of human sexual life. In particular, very interesting are some taboos connected with time for having sex: in some areas of our planet the active manifestation of the sexual life is forbidden during certain times of a day. Here are some examples, provided by Vaughan Bell:

  • in Panama, sexual relations are approved only at night (the laws of God prohibits to make love during the daytime);
  • Malaysians believe that sex during the day may cause thunderstorms and deadly lightening, which will wipe sinners out from the face of the earth;
  • Bambara people from Western Africa are convinced that having sex during the daytime leads to… albino child conception;
  • inhabitants of Uganda believe that sexual activity during the night before battle causes protracted war…

In a fact, in many cultures it is prohibited to have sexual intercourse during the day or on the eve of the momentous events, be it war or the great hunt. This feature must be considered by people (in particular, loving couples) who want to make an unforgettable trip to exotic countries.