Sex Q&A – Answers to Your Most Private Questions

sex QA

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, especially when it comes to sex. We have all the juicy questions that need answering. Read on if you dare to find out the answers to your most private questions.

Does Size Matter?

Well, it certain depends on the women, but when it comes to penis size the answer is yes. But wait for men who are not so well endowed don’t forget not all women climax through penetrative sex on its own. This means you have plenty of scope to play, tease and caress your lady to finish. Focus less on what’s going on down there with your big boy and concentrate on what your woman wants, and that’s attention. Pay attention to her body; explore every part with everything but your penis. Then this way, she won’t care about the size, she will only remember what you did, and that’s what really matters.

She Gave Me Her Number, How Long Shall I Wait?

Social media forces us to keep in touch, or at least keep an eye on men and women on a daily, or even hourly basis! It can be difficult not to make contact with her almost immediately. However, try and leave it at least 24 hours. This way you can prepare your call to her, keep it sweet, keep it swift and invite her to a place you’re already going. This will provide you with a confident socialite status that encourages her to tag along, and if she says no then she knows you’re going without her! Stay keen, just leave it a day or so.

Spit or Swallow?!

Well, this is down to personal preference. Guys don’t take it personally if she doesn’t, and girls don’t feel like you have to. Many women don’t like the taste, others enjoy it as part of the love making experience and some just like to put on a show. It may seem sexy at the time, and watching porn through your teens very often doesn’t help with the spit or swallow expectations. But guys don’t apply extra pressure to the spit or swallow conundrum because if she does swallow and doesn’t like it then she will carry this act out less in future.

Is She Faking It?!

Oh, good question! The answer to this lays with your technique. I wouldn’t worry too much about the unknown and concentrate on your job at hand and that’s pleasing your girl. It is difficult to know if she is faking, her behaviors and reactions to climaxing are usually learnt from actual orgasms. But if you don’t give her the chance to fake it then you have nothing to worry about. Learn some new moves, get into new positions and kiss, lick and rub in all the right places. Ask her what she likes, carry out her fantasies, she won’t need to fake it any longer.