Sex mates in a couple have “better sex” than friends with benefits

sex with benefits

OK, here’s a question for you adult fun lovers experienced in dating for sex: what is more preferable to have a full-fledged sexual life – make a couple or make friends with benefits? Take your time to answer this quite tricky question cause latest news from Harvard University may appear truly breaking even for real “adult fishing” gurus.

In general, study report published in the Journal of Sex Research reveals that people in “common” romantic relations have more adult fun in their sexual life than their counterparts who prefer to browse online dating websites in order to find come-and-go sex partners for the one-time sexual game.

Moreover, besides the sex frequency lovers in a couple can boast of a higher sex quality in comparison with more “independent” love seekers. To put it more clear, sex partners in long-term romantic relations are more satisfied with their sexual activity, it’s regularity (this one seems doubtful to me), and emotions quality when it comes to such a priceless gift as a “common human happiness.”

Accordingly, the answer to the question I asked above may be rather well-defined for most adult fun lovers: making a couple is more likely to have real adult fun.