Sex: Flip Her Switch

Sex: Flip Her Switch

Women have hundreds of buttons that can be pressed to evoke different emotions throughout the day. However, the right buttons in the right order can certainly flip her switch ready for sex. Although this is not an instant process, you have to start pressing her buttons all day if you’re hoping for an evening session. Read on to see the top tips for flipping her sex switch.

Give her the Slip

When you’re out for a meal now is your chance to get her thinking about sex. Buy her a thong during the day and wrap it up. While you’re waiting for your main meals following your starters pass it to her under the table and ask her to open it discreetly. Once she sees it’s a thong ask her to change into in the bathroom. From the rest of the meal and the evening after you both know she is wearing sexy lingerie ready to be revealed later. By buying the right size and color shows that you pay more attention to her than she thinks.

The Hinges

Throughout the day concentrate on gently kissing the hinges over her body. You have the usual kissing covered, kissing goodbye or hello. But I’m talking if you leave the room, go upstairs or just watching TV gently kiss either her elbows, behind her knees, hips, neck, shoulders, ankles and so on. This will start her imagination wondering into very naughty realms. It will also show your spontaneous and looking for new ways to kiss her and let her know you’re thinking about getting closer.

The Next Move

Before you start having foreplay agree with your partner that whatever foreplay you are doing that this will continue until the receiver tells the other what move to do next. This is a great game to play as it gets the imagination and ideas flowing. Plus, the more you enjoy it the harder it is to suggest the next move, leaving you carrying on longer with what you doing, it’s a win, win!

Home Spa

A massage is the perfect button to press, and can work all year around. If it’s cold and windy outside then cuddle up on the sofa or bed and gently massage her neck and shoulders with body temperature oils or a flannel that’s been warmed up in the microwave. If it’s a hot day or you’re on holiday try a cold drink or ice cubes in the mouth to massage over her legs and back. Rolling her over and placing an ice cube in her belly button before licking her stomach will certainly speed things up a bit!


Public displays of affection or sex can be great way to tease and turn on your partner. Surprise them with anything from a leg rub under the table to sex close to your bathroom window! The thought of being caught is a huge rush for you both. For example, if you want to test the water, try having sex standing up close to the window, but keep clothes on your top halves, and your underwear on! This way it’s easy to duck out the way if anyone walks by or looks up, sounds hot!