Read Her Dirty Mind – Women Spill Their Bedroom Secrets

Her Bedroom Dirty Secrets
No Need to Go All Night

Believe it or not us women don’t want sex to go on forever. We would much rather the effect to put in to take us to pleasure town than staying in pleasure town all night and get bored. Staying there pounding away moves the sex in ‘faking it’ territory, and that’s not a good sign! We would much rather a lover than a machine that can’t switch off, surely that’s what battery operated devices are for. Put the work into foreplay, pay attention and we will be climaxing well in on time, we may not be here for a long time, but we are here for a good time!

We Fantasize too, Not just You

It’s not just the men that want to try new things, or spice things up! Us women have big imaginations and can very often be a little too shy to suggest new moves in the bedroom. There are many new things we would like to try but may feel too uncomfortable to bring them up. There are a number of ways of discussing this and bring it up in conversation. My favorite is for both of you to write a ‘sex to do’ list. Then swap to read each other’s. I am sure you will be surprised how many of them match up, and when they do try introducing them slowly and carefully into your evening play.

Morning Glory

Yes, men, it’s not just you guys who wake up with a morning glory, usually we are pretending to be asleep. You guys have been waking up with wood since the beginning of time, and if its big enough waking us up with a swift prod in the back or bum. But us girls are horney in the morning too, we enjoy a bit of morning glory as much as the next hot-blooded male. Without saying anything trying getting close and spooning your woman, and slide your erection between her thighs, kiss her neck and back. Take your time, this is key, do not rush. Enjoy the lay in and slowly kiss and touch all her hot spots. When she starts to writhe in pleasure and slowly move her thighs apart then you both know that morning glory really is a girl guy thing!

Office Secrets

All sex doesn’t have to be in the bedroom, duh. Sometimes in longer relationships the routine of sex waits until both of you are tucked up in bed. However, role playing is something us ladies are crying out to try. My favorite is turning your spare room into an office. This way you can both pretend that either of you is the boss and working late. The other can knock on the door and ask “why are you working so late” or whether they need a hand finishing up for the night. One thing will lead to another on the desk, office chair or against the filing cabinet. Don’t forget you are in charge of the lay out of the office so fill it up with a large rug, a sofa, a bean bag or a big leather chair whatever you would like to do it on. And the beauty of this is that if any friends or family ask about your office, well one of you often works from home of course!!