Monogamy is included with human behavior model, researchers say

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There’s one question that bother brains and hearts of many human beings: is monogamy natural for a human? Maybe, it’s not the question of the day, but it is asked with an enviable regularity. As you can guess, we still don’t have accurate information confirming the thesis about the unconditional human monogamy. However, most scientists tend to believe that fidelity is peculiar to the human race.

New research in the field of evolutionary psychology (this branch of science states that most of our basic instincts are hidden in our genes, and all the stupid things we do are connected with the natural selection of the most successful behavior models of our ancestors) allows to assume that monogamy is the best way to deal with species survival strategy. As follows from Robert Trivers “parental investment theory:”

“Differences in how much time and effort men and women invest in the production of children can explain the types of mating strategies that men and women are more likely to use.”

In other words, taking nine months to carry the human child requires regular attention and support from the man’s side, which means that monogamy is a vital “feature” of homo sapiens. Let’s wait and see, will further research confirm or disprove this curious hypothesis.