Love hormone helps lovers to stay together

love hormone influence

Current study found in the Journal of Neuroscience, states that men can avoid company of hot women in favor of their girlfriends. In other words, funny rule “If you’re on a diet, it doesn’t that you can’t look at the sweets” doesn’t work with boys and men who have romantic relations with their better halves. It’s hard to believe, but it seems to be true.

The culprit of such a strange behavior is oxytocin also known as “love hormone,” scientists believe.

In the study, awesome looking female researchers were asked to approach various male participants of that experiment. Those last ones were given a dose of aforementioned hormone. The rule of such a curious game was rather simple: when man felt that distance between him his hot vis-a-vis was “ideal,” he should speak up.

As the result, “tied-down ” guys prefer female researchers to stay 28-30” away from them. In the same time, bachelors prefer ladies to stay a bit closer to them: just 20-24” away. Scientists made a conclusion that oxytocin in committed men can “boost their fidelity to the point that they physically distance themselves from other options.” What a nice invention of nature: there’s no need in “fidelity pills” as soon as we have a built-in mechanism that helps us to avoid the adultery.