Is it possible for a man say “No!” to sex? Nah! Wait… Oh, shi…

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Some men can boast of having the same weird love making-related habit as one some tender ladies demonstrate in romantic relations. I mean making excuses to avoid sexual activity.

It’s hard to believe, I know, but even today, when Adult Web offers so many kinds of adult fun having to maintain our sexual life, you may find lots of gents rejecting the joy of sex. I’m not talking about true connoisseurs of UK sex chat or members of Wolverhampton swingers parties, cause those guys just live in their very special world full of the same special amusement which makes them absolutely happy with their choice. Period!

So what makes adult men make excuses and skip the sweetest moments of their adult life? I wish I had a simple and short answer to this question… Unfortunately, there’s the whole complex of reasons caused by various factors such as physical or mental discomfort, lack of spare time, work-related issues, and many others things that make sexual life pale into insignificance. Just take a look at the most actual reasons guys usually say “No!” to sexy games in the bedroom:

Eating too much pizza/drinking too much beer before going to bed. It may sound funny, but overeating, as well as booze abuse, make one of the most common reasons for men’s “incompliance.” Of course, food is good for your sex drive but taking too many calories “clog the traction.” You know what I mean! 😉

Having too many “money-thoughts.”Actually, it’s natural for men to think about getting income as well as money itself. However, some good men think about the Golden Calf too often to pay attention to their sexual relations. As for me, golden medium is the most precious thing you can get from gold… Ability to give/share your happiness is the greatest treasure money can’t buy.

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Trivial lack of self-confidence. I’m talking about that very special kind of diffidence many folks report from time to time. In other words, such pesky trifles like dissatisfaction with the penis size and myths about pure sexual performance often spoil or even ruin successful relations. Oh c’mon, fellas, don’t be ridiculous, throw all that harmful garbage out of your heads and enjoy sweet moments of intimacy! Let your sexy partners’ moans and groans be the best qualifier for your skills!

Men don’t like to hurt their life mates’ feeling with so-called hate sex. Sometimes grown-up boys feel angry about something (or somebody) which may affect the most tender aspects of their life. So, to get rid of unwanted situations in bed, many guys refrain from sexual activity for some time. Yes sir-eee bob, men’s hearts are full of care!

Well, I hope you got the point: sometimes making excuses is nothing but trying to assess the situation and fix some small bugs in everyday life.