How to Be a Sexy Symbol on Instagram

how to be sexy on instagram

With celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Amber Rose and Selena Gomez, you might feel like you have absolutely no chance of having the same selfie game like these gorgeous women. What you might not realize is that being sexy in a selfie isn’t very difficult at all – and we’ve got the tips that will help you step up your sexy selfie game.

1. Know Your Face

Look in the mirror and take some practice pictures, making sure to play with different poses. Then you’ll want to look at the pictures to see what is your best side. Use your hair or accessories to highlight or cover features. Embrace the natural look by wearing light makeup and use natural sunlight for the best look. Oh, don’t forget to part your lips slightly in that oh-so-alluring flirty pout.

2. Dress Up

A sexy selfie can be lingerie, nude with the naughty bits provocatively covered, in a sexy costume, or whatever makes you feel the sexiest. This could be a tailored suit that fits you in all the best ways, a flattering dress that cinches in your waist and pushes the girls up, or it could be an oversized sweatshirt and legging. If you can pull off the sexy girl next door act, run with it!

3. Use Props

Think of what you’re wearing and incorporate props into your posing. For example, if you’re wearing sexy black lingerie, have a flogger. If you’re wearing a cheerleader outfit, have some pompoms. If you’re wearing a bikini, grab a beach ball or even shovel and buckets, if you want to be cute and sexy at the same time. You see where we’re going with this all, right? Using props allows you to create a fantasy for your audience, which intrigue and titillate.

4. Find the Right Light

We mentioned that natural lighting is your best friend when taking selfies, and we stand by that! However, most of the time a sexy photo is a spur of the moment thing and when natural light isn’t readily available. You can use regular lighting too. We recommend that you dim the lights or even change the bulbs to a red light (if you want a sensual vibe) or even an off white bulb. Then, take a test shot without the flash, just to see how it looks.

5. Filters can Be Your Friend

The point of taking a sexy selfie is to look like yourself – not someone else. We aren’t suggesting that you use a filter to change your body or anything like that, but you can use filters to brighten up a cloudy day, make colors more vibrant, or even be artistic and use black and white, or sepia filters. You don’t want to use these filters too much because they’ll ruin the integrity of your photos and people who know you may call you out – a la Mariah Carey.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re trying to take a sexy photo? Leave us a comment below and share the love!