Hot Sex Moves – Master It! 5 Sex Positions to Switch Things Up

Hot Sex Moves – Master It

It can be difficult if ideas dry up in the bedroom, or if you’re at it like rabbits and you’re looking for tonight’s new adventure then read on. You could be looking to inject a bit of spice in to your sex life or want to surprise your partner with some new moves then check out these new positions.

Comic Hero Doggy
If you’re looking for a bit of spontaneity then this could be great idea for a quickie in the laundry room, if you have one. Your man approaches you from behind then you agree by bending over the counter. Once you get going from behind then it’s time for you to test your ab muscles and raise your feet off the floor and extend horizontally. You are now enjoying deeper sex the way a super hero enjoys sex, like they are flying through the air, supported by your strong comic book hero!

Face Time
Staying with the quickie idea, sit your bloke on the edge of your bed. Take up the stripper pose and straddle him sitting on his lap. This is one face time connection you don’t have to worry about the Wi-Fi with. Face to face you are in total control which can be deep and meaningful, then ride him long into the night, if he can take it!

Down Doggy
In the doggy style position stretch out your arms in front of your head and press your boobs into the bed. Use a pillow to make your face (or boobs) more comfortable. Face down and ass up your man can easily take you to pleasure town because this way changes the angle of entry and penetrates deeper. You can either switch off and enjoy the position, or get involved and reach back under for a cheeky play yourself.

Wall Press
With your man’s back up against the wall you can press your naked body up against him. Raise your knee and keep it next to his hip. Your man can then hold you under the thigh for support and enter you. This wall press allows you to kiss and smooch your way to pleasure town. There’s nowhere to go, its hot, its steamy and its empowering!

Office Sex
Use an office chair and sit him down, asking nicely of course. Facing away from him show your confidence by pressing your bum out behind you and slowly taking a seat on your man. You are in control of the pace and depth of this office based sex. Let his hand roam free around your boobs and clitoris while you squeeze your hips around him. Trust me when this is done right this won’t last long, for either of you!