Hilarious Hook Up Fails – Read Them, They Worth it!

Hilarious Hook Up Fails

Not all hook ups go to plan and not all sex is perfect! In fact, sometimes when you can share a joke or a hilarious hook up fail and stay together to reminisce then this can often seal the deal. Read on to experience some of our shared hook up fails.

Search & Rescue
“Ok so he was on top, going at it pretty hard; he started to flake out a bit as he was running out of energy so I told him to lay on the bed and I started to do some of the work. However, while I swapped position to take up some of the work I noticed he didn’t have a jonnie on! I was like what the hell? I immediately started a search and rescue for this condom, and got him in on the act because we certainly started with one. About 20 minutes later I went into the bathroom for a more ‘invasive’ search. I found the rubber condom pressed against my cervix. Our search and rescue was over, thank god. We soon got suited and booted again and got back at it!” Rachel

Blood Red
“It was dark, things were heated and we were in the middle of hot sex. I was riding him but wanted to do reverse cowgirl. So I flipped my leg over and turned around. Things were good, so good I felt body fluid all over the sheets. I thought I was so good that he or we had both finished. However, I flipped the lights on and realized that I caught him in the face with my heel as I switched positions. He was bleeding heavily from the nose, and it was pouring everywhere. He was enjoying it so much that he was afraid to stop. I was so good he was happy to bleed to death!!” Kaley

Lights Out
“All I wanted to do was set the mood with some low lighting and get the tone just right for my girl. I placed a few tea candles around the bedroom including the bedside table and the headboard shelf. Before we knew it, we were at it, completely forgetting that the low lights worked a treat. As things got freaky the headboard was going and it didn’t take long for the tea candle drop off spill wax everywhere and set the sheet alight. We were both up out of bed faster than you can say “sex is over”. The fire was out, the sheets were changed and the sex was defiantly over. Might just turn the lights out next time, or even invest in a lamp!” Mike

Cough Please
“I met a guy for a hot date at a local bar, we quickly got to know each other and it was revealed he was staying in a hotel nearby. What was supposed to be an evening out turned into us going back to his room early evening. We started going at it and it was getting quite noisy and frantic. Once he did the deed over me we both peeled away panting looking up at the ceiling. During our reminiscing of what just happened, we heard the clearest cough from the guest staying next door. It was then I realized the walls were made of cardboard and they must have heard everything clear as day!!” Carla