How to Flirt Online, Easy Tips to Get You in the Game

flirting tips
Get Stuck In
Firstly you must get yourself out there, and I’m not talking about ‘poking’ people on Facebook, I mean sign up to dating websites across the cyber world and start learning how to be a great flirt, and turn teasing into flirting. Sign up to ones specific for you, or that recommend women or men of your type as well as the more popular mainstream ones, this is where you will discover how to flirt with someone online. Don’t limit yourself to your existing social media, flirt all over, meet and flirt with people you don’t know rather than ones you do.

Be Direct
Whether you are flirting with a guy or with a girl, cut to the chase, online you don’t need all the awkward small talk, well not much of it anyway. If you’re enjoying the teasing and flirting online then dare yourself to send a bolder message, because someone on your wavelength will certainly return the favor.

Online flirting can be a good platform for you to practice a joke here and there, as long as it can be interpreted across online chat. You can be seen to be cute and funny with a bit more depth rather than just after the one thing, you know what! Try to lighten the mood, build rapport and show your personality!

In Debt to you
A classic line where teasing turns into flirting is by letting them know they owe you. This cute, playful banter puts the responsibility and pressure on them to make something up to you. For example, let them know that the joke they made didn’t make them laugh, they will have to try harder next time. Or “I’m upset over here, I’m looking for someone to cheer me up”, if they are in debt to you, someone who likes you will make it up to you.

How to flirt online can be tricky, but setting personal boundaries certainly helps. To help boost your self-confidence and know exactly where to draw the line with men and women online then set yourself some boundaries. If conversations go off on a bit of a tangent, to put it mildly, then it’s ok to rein it back in and stop with the flirting. Setting yourself boundaries of what you want to discuss with online matches and how much flirting you want to hear is important, this will you and them to get along nicely and enjoy learning how to flirt with a girl or guy online.