Busting the “Penis-Size-Doesn’t-Matter” Myth: It Does Matter!


penis size

No one will tell you who exactly developed such a ridiculously “almost-true” myth that a male penis’s size doesn’t matter: either embarrassed men or even more embarrassed women to justify the “deficiency” of their husbands. Remember once and for all: the bigger – the better!

Here is the information from Scottish (those guys know how to be real men, right?) scientists from University of the West of Scotland who came to the conclusion that the penis size really matters. All in all, there were 320 ladies taking an active part in the experiment. Its final verdict is the following: the size of penis directly influences the frequency and “magnitude” of a female orgasm. Time to grow additional inches, huh, guys?

According to a commonly accepted sex-notion, 14,9-15,5 centimeters is the average size of a “manhood rod”. Therefore, 60% of the respondents (approximately 160 ladies) told that it’s enough for them to get a fine vaginal orgasm. Moreover, 35% confessed that they prefer rods bigger than average and only 5% revealed that the size matters not for them.

Isn’t the whole experiment seems strange to you? The fact is that the depth of an average female vagina is 10 centimeters and the most common penis size is 13 centimeters. However, it seems like those 3 mysterious centimeters are the “angels’ length” (same as “angels’ share” when they make whiskey).

To cut a long story short, you have to finally decide what is actually “enough” personally for you: having a fine sex or having a fine orgasm each time, time after time and then a couple of times again?