All you Need to Know about Talking Dirty in Bed the Right Way

how to talk dirty in bed

If you can get your head around how talking dirty in bed actually works, you can enter a world that is filled with fantasies and desires. Your sex life will come alive and the both of you will find that you are closer. So, read on to find out how to talk dirty in bed and bring your sex life alive.

Begin by Testing the Water

You can throw yourselves into it if you wish and go all out by using niceties before and after giving or receiving pleasure. Of course, this is the way in which you toy around with dominant and submissive roles in an attempt to see which role suits who. The moment you find one that works for you, you will find that you are either being bossed around or you are doing the bossing around. Once you reach this point, you can then start to turn things on a little more.

You can begin by asking him to tell you what he wants giving you the ability to really give him what he wants. However, telling him not to stop is your way of telling him that he should continue to do what he is doing because it is working really well while telling him that you are coming explains to him that he has satisfied you in every way possible.
You can always turn your hand to name calling while telling him what parts of his body turn you on will increase his arousal and lead to insane sex. Tell him how much you enjoy his penis and even go as far as to describe it to him but always exaggerate. You can always revert to the trusts short words such as “harder”, “softer” and “you’re hitting the spot”.

If you are Experienced
how to talk dirty in bed

If you are experienced in bed then you are going to want to take it even further and once you have understood what your partner likes you can raise the bar. Now you can begin to let them know how you feel and what you plan to do to them.

This could begin by telling them how wet you are and you can also tell them where you want them to come. You can explain to them how they are making you feel and what it actually feels like while explaining what you are going to do to them will certainly leave them wanting more. If you are performing oral sex you can tell them how good they taste while explaining what you like doing to them will make them want it more.

It is all about Having Fun

It does not matter whether you are experienced or new to all of this because dirty talk is all about enjoying the moment. You and your partner can use whatever sentences, phrases or words that you like because that is the beauty of it. Find what works and then introduce them because you will soon realise just what you were missing.