After-sex activity: men and women see it differently

after sexPerhaps, there as many types of “after-sex activity” as positions in Kamasutra. Some of them become well known cinematic cliches. Yes, we are talking about that scene where both “lovers” perform rather boorish “chat’n’smoke.” However, today we have the following situation: we can get all the info about where, when, and with whom we can have the best sex, but we know much less about spending time after making love. That’s why scientists decided to fill in that gap in our knowledge.

According to the recent study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, the range of after-sexual activity people report is rather wide: “cuddling, caressing, having an intimate conversation, pursuing a continued sexual activity, having a drink, a cigarette or something to eat, showering, falling asleep or leaving to avoid sleeping next to a partner.”

There is one more curious thing about that study: it appears, that most kinds of after-sex activity, connected with physical proximity are more common to long-term relations. At the same time, short-time relations have the “outward” orientation: falling asleep, fixing something to eat, etc.

On the other hand, both genders prefer different types of after-sex pastime. “According to evolutionary theory, variations in the importance of after sex activities may reflect gender differences in mating strategies – men, in general, benefit more from short-term mating strategies and therefore place more importance on external rewards after sex whereas women place more importance on intimacy,” researchers state.