SUPER-8 Tips How to Break up with a Guy which Work Every Time

how to break up with boy

The recent split up of Selena Gomes and Justin Bieber is of a little concern to the 90% of the world’s population. However, their fake relationship and even a more fake break-up might teach you a good lesson: you have to kick the guy off right (with minimum nerves lost and feelings hurt). Here are TOP-8 recommendations from true “men-eaters” who have painlessly got over something like bazillions guys each. Ready to check them out?

Late at Night…

…a smart girl dumps her “just-exed” guy. Don’t even think of telling him that everything’s over in the morning as you don’t want to spoil the day ahead of you, right? Therefore, drop the bomb in the evening, gather HIS packs and blow him off for good.

No Text Messages

Be a decent lady – break up with him in person. Even the most disgusting, appalling and monkey-like male deserves to be dumbed eye-to-eye. Besides, you do want to SEE his face changing color to a death-white one, don’t you?

Have “Witnesses”

Now it’s time to talk about the place to split up officially. Try to choose a semi-public setting (in case a beast inside him awakens and starts to trash’n’smash things around).

Backstab Him with a Dagger of Positivity

Start with giving him a compliment about his “awesomely” done hairstyle today. Ask whether he has been working out recently or something like that. Once you are done with flattery – “destroy” him with your “weapon of massive break-up destruction”.

“You’re great, it’s just me…”

You are going to be surprised to know that this very phrase work extra-well in real life too. Start blaming yourself and drive yourself to a nearly sadomasochism-like state. Yeah, save at list a handful of his dignity.

Men Don’t Cry (From Physical Pain)

However, once your new ex starts whining, begging for the second chance, crying, asking you to stay or shedding the Sea-of-Tears – cut that nonsense off. Yup, it’s harsh but that’s the life – you don’t need that whiner anymore. Next!

Will we at least stay friends?” – “NO!”

Watch out here! Never, NEVER try to stay friends. You dumped him and now his feelings are hurt. He will try to return you not because he loves you and stuff but only to assert oneself. Don’t let him do it and simply respect yourself. Besides, that won’t be a real friendship anyway.

Unfriend Him in the Socials

Social networks are super-popular and therefore they earn a separate chapter. By and large, if you want to make the break-up thing right, unfriend your ex in the social network you share.

Or do you want to know that somewhere there is a guy who freaks out each time you upload your photos featuring your new “better” bf? Then don’t unfriend him and enjoy the show!