Enjoy Mobile Dating on UPForIt!

Mobile phones are vitally important for everybody nowadays, we simply cannot imagining our lives without our mobiles. Just the same as imagining their lives without UPForIt is a very uneasy feeling for our members. We allow our cherished users a fantastic opportunity to connect their online membership and their phones seamlessly. Read on and you will learn how your mobile phone can help you succeed in online dating.

Pay for your dating membership from your mobile phone: Choose 'Pay by Mobile Phone' in the 'Make Payment' page.
Indulge in chatting with other members with the help of your phone – our dating service boasts a cool SMS chat feature which is a fun way to make the best of your online dating!
Use your mobile to update your profile: add a new photo to your profile on UPForIt using the camera on your mobile phone – it's easy and very convenient!
Get Text alerts for free! The service that offers you SMS alerts when you receive a new email is now FREE. Each time a new email from our site appears in your inbox, you'll be informed about it by SMS. To add your phone click here.