Success stories

This is a selection of success stories which members have chosen to share. We will be delighted
to hear from you if UPForIt brought you together with someone special. This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online, if it worked for you it can also work for them!

bondageBabeYork, York
September, 2011

I love Up For It because here I can be myself and express myself sexually without any limits. I'm into wild toys and bondage so the site gave me the possibility to find someone who enjoys the same. We're experimenting all the time which gives me mind-blowing moments... Now we're looking for some more company on Up For It. Lots of candidates, but we're picky hehe

wandering_mind21, Chester
August, 2011

Ok so I was at the stage of my life when I needed some fun, nothin more. Logged on to UpforIt and found a couple of guys near the place I live. Chatted with some of them and exchanged numbers. One of them was bi-curious which stirred my long-time curiosity as well... So we found a gal on the site who was up for this kind of fun too. I loved the experiment and want to try somethin new again!!

Born22BWild, Edinburgh
July, 2011

My wife and I got on up for to find someone for our naughty little fantasy to take shapes. We've already met up with a few guys but haven't found exactly what we need... Still the site's potential is huge and I'm sure we'll find what we need soon. We tried cam fun at up for it for the first time and wow that was good! We're enjoying the online fun till we find that 'special someone' he he

urbabyblue13, London
June, 2011

I owe a huge thank you to Up For It cos I met my bf here. We started out as friends with benefits, nothing more. Just enjoyed each others' company and never wanted to rush into things. Must be some sexual chemistry that showed when we first met. Now we're sort of dating. Now my divvy bloke is in the shower, sorry gotta join him now!!! :-P I'm your number one fan up for it guys! XOXOX

NYCandy27, New York
June, 2011

so I joined UpForIt out of curiosity about 9 months ago and never thought I'd find someone good here. at first met some guys who sounded interested but nothing special. i wasn't looking for anything in particular but then this tall, dark and handsome guy contacted me. we had been corresponding for about a month and then decided to meet up. he's so good in bed it drives me wild when we don't see each other for a long time... he feels the same about me, so we just need to solve the long-distance problem

CherylSugar31, Nottingham
April, 2011

Ok so I was at the stage of my life when I needed some fun, nothin more. Logged on to Mark and found a couple of guys near the place I live. Chatted with some of them and exchanged numbers. One of them was bi-curious which stirred my long-time curiosity as well... So we found a gal on the site who was up for this kind of fun too. I loved the experiment and want to try somethin new again!!

coolguyuk25, London
February, 2011

UpForIt suits me cos i always find a girl to spend a night with here. i broke up with my long-time gf a while ago and haven't been into nething serious since then. i just find a girl, see that we have similar errrr urges and we go to her place or mine. This site deserves a visit cos the girls i meet here are hot and only want to rip off my clothes haha! paradise for a bloke like me really

BrianHot26, Fort Lauderdale
December, 2010

I came on here about a month ago and met two girls already. Yummy babes I must say. I'm just looking for fun so this site is perfect in terms of finding ladies who want the same as I do, ya know what I mean ;) Spoke to a hot asian babe last nite. Saw her pics and was like Wow I haven't had sex with a petite asian gal yet! Real sex I mean. So... Great deeds await my pleasure!

leepretty, Liverpool
November, 2010

I definitely hit the right spot when I registered with Upforit. Met some gorgeous females here and had great fun. I've tried many sites really. But this one gave me what I wanted – lots of no-strings fun with attractive women! Now I wanna try a threesome, I’m sure I'll find the hottest girls for this on the site. Thanx upforit, the best site for horny pervs like me, hehe!

likesolderladies, London
October, 2010

This blond determined lady captured my attention immediately. She sent me a wink. I saw her pics and was hit hard by her looks. We decided to meet up, she lived a few blocks away from me. Didn't know what I was looking for then but thought I'd give it a try. We spent the night together and it was nice. Well, more than nice actually... The niceness still lasts which pleases me whenever she's around. Thanks UpForIt

Lookinforfun140381, Bristol
October, 2010

I found my girlfriend on Up For It and that pleases me loads. At first it was just great sex but then we started dating. It happened so fast but she now lives with me. She's crazy but that's just what I need. Maybe she'll f... me to death soon but I don't mind cos I never get bored with her. I call her Katrina when we make out – that good she is, def a hurricane.

candylips, Plymouth
September, 2010

I love upforit cos lots of singles come out to play here. When I’m horny and have no one to cuddle up to :-P I just go there and find a hot guy to spend a night with. I love having online fun on the site cos I can use cam and mic there, the cam2cam thing can be real hot! Thanx upforit team, you've created a great site for sexually frustrated gals :-P

tom165, Florida
September, 2010

I remember the first time I saw her pics...mmmmm! Actually I thought she posted some model's photos on her profile. And then I saw her on webcam and was like WOW she's real! It was intant attraction on both sides. Soon she invited me over to her place and the thought of touching her just blew my mind... We're seeing each other almost every day now, and I must say the girl is a sex maniac! Recently she said she'd like a threesome with me and one of her friends. Me, with two hot girls in one bed. Wow! I'm the luckiest man on earth, so thanks UpForIt guys!

bustybabe, Belfast
September, 2010

I first met this guy a few weeks ago on We were both hurt b4 and just wanted someone 4 fun. We made out on cam a few times and then decided 2 meet up for a real makeout, he's also from Belfast so that was easy. We enjoyed discovering each other's bodies; his six-pack turns me on so much! I don’t want to rush into things, neither does he. He says I have the best ass on earth and I believe him! We're going to Paris in a week!!!

tonybig, York
August, 2010

I met Rachel and Tim on Upforit and our first time was a really unforgettable experience. We enjoy spending time together, travelling and having our special kind of fun. I love threesomes, but I'm choosy and always want to find someone who's really hot and wild like me... Upforit is the only site where I managed to find my kind of fun with stunning people. Thanx site team, wish you all the best!

hornyguy, Durham
August, 2010

I joined Upforit about 6 months ago and was amazed at the number of really attractive girls I met here. I met up with them for sex in real life btw which was so effing good... When I'm just into meeting girls to get laid with and not really looking for commitment, I go to upforit and find hot girls who want the same. A few days ago I met this crazy redhead woman on the site. She totally blew my mind. I have a thing for redhead girls I must say. After our first hot night I want to see her more often. Can't wait till she visits me tonite after work...

marlene, New York
July, 2010

Thanks upforit team, you did a great job when you created a site like this! I met my perfect lover here 7 months ago, now we live together. I'm so happy I met him, when I'm with him I'm all orgasmic! Both sexually and mentally by the way... I wouldn't want to make predictions about the future, but I definitely like the thought of spending all day long making babies with him :P

louise345, Manchester
June, 2010

I've been on many sites but upforit is my special favourite. I love the freedom of choice it gives me and the fact that I can always find someone hot to have fun with. I'm currently not interested in building a serious relationship with anyone, I'm just up for NSA fun you know. It's cool that there are lots of handsome guys on upforit, I always manage to choose someone to have my fun with...

sugartracy, Cardiff
June, 2010

I met the guy I'm madly in love with now here on UpforIt. At first it was just sex (amazing sex!!) then I realised it was somethin more. We're seeing each other every day and have great conversations, especially when we are exhausted after nonstop sex hehe I'm so happy I met Ryan. We get pleasure both from having sex and having intellectual convos – just the kind of pleasure I need!