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In stevenm56`s own words stevenm56 is a single male 58 old

I'd say my greatest asset is my blue eyes. While my hairline is receding (hell, that's wishful thinking) and betrays my age I do manage to keep myself relatively fit, I've been told recently I don't look 55. (and I didn't even to pay them). I certainly don't feel it either. At 5'9" I may not be called on to play center for the Celtics bit I can reach the top of the refrigerator. Big things come in small packages, remember.

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I'm looking for a young lady who knows how to carry herself with poise and femininity. I appreciate a woman who knows her mind, has confidence in herself and has a sense of humor about her. I like fun and I love to laugh. While I really don't care if she's a few pounds overweight, no one's perfect, I've discovered that this term is used rather loosely and its meaning varies from woman to woman. If she has a tummy bulge I don't care but if she asks to be given a push so she can roll down the hill and then I can't tell if she's standing up or not, that could be a few ounces too many. And to be candid I'm not too wild about granny wings either. Let's see, what else...oh, yes, a pulse is usually a good thing. In fact, that's a non-negotiable really. If she wears glasses that can potentially be very sexy...y'know the mystique of the librarian, a favorite male fantasy...glasses can always be taken off. If she takes her glasses off and continues by removing her hair and dentures, that could be a turn-off, you never know.. Otherwise, I'm a pretty open-minded guy.

  • :Male
  • :58
  • :Straight
  • :Leo
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  • :Single
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  • :5' 9 (1.75m)
  • :Caucasian
  • :Medium
  • :Blue
  • :Grey
  • :No
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