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  • :I am also looking for someone who i can trust and share the rest of my life with and have a kids for him and make him happyI' can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts, or fears. But I can listen to you, and together we will search for answers
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Joy Herberto Spanish i live without any regrets because at one time it was exactly what i wanted. i live my life to the fullest and the way i wan't to, i won't change for anyone. i don't let people walk all over me .i forgive but i never forget. i have bad trust issues, so if i trust you ; i'd say your lucky. if you don't like me that's your is way to short to not enjoy it.I'm the most impatient very goofy and loud. i can put a smile on your face. don' t judge me you only see what i choose to show.... i have come to realize that life really does fly by way too fast. growing up is something i can wait forever to do. ive learned you should always live life to the fullest no matter what, do whatever it takes to remember every moment in your life because if you dont you will forget the years that go by andyoull only wish you had them back. i tend to care for people way too much when i dont get that back in return. i have an extremely expensive taste in things and tend to not accept anything less but i am no where near stuck up, i work hard to get what i have and will continue to do so. I strive to be the best in everything that i do and i will always put others before me in every situation. you'll either love me or you'll hate me, either way im gonna make it...and my goal's are set for me now it's time for me to make them happen. i'm not a people person, i'm bad tempered, very stubborn & hard-headed, i get mad & annoyed very easy. everyone always hates that all i ever do is bitch but that's just me & i won't change who i am just because someone doesn't like it. i don't depend on anyone & i don't trust anyone. i've made mistakes but who hasn't, i'm a good person tho and i'm wild so with me there is never a dull moment. what you see is what you get i'm not sugar coating it for anyone.

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want someone who "walks the walk" and doesn't just "talk the talk" "Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?" That is exactly what I am looking for - a man who is faithful in all things (hes relationship to hes Significant other, family and friends, but first and foremost to hes Lord and Savior). Despite the scorched earth left by past relationships, I still have Faith that such a man Exists. I do not play games with people's emotions or there heart. I want a man that doesn't have a "dark side" - an anger Problem, Drinking Problem, or Whatever - that is hidden, but instead live intentionally and accountably in the Body of Christ. I am open about my feelings and opinions, passionate about life. Loyal, honest and above all, committed. I am loyal to the end. I give it and expect it in return. I believe in traditional gender roles and believe as the Bible says; I love adventure and taking risks, but affairs of the heart and spirit I guard closely. I seek a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very loved and needed, intimacy, spirituality, and integrity is very important to me! Respect and trust and total commitment to each other and a Heart of Jesus Christ! Because without a Heart of Jesus, You can never know the truth of love or be able to give it or Receive it.

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  • :29
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  • :Scorpio
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    :103 lbs
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  • :30-18-30
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