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Good Day and Aloha! OK, now they've requested that I tell you something about myself. And I will reluctantly do so,hopefully without sounding like a narcissist, your run of the mill perverted sex fiend, uncommon loser or a Charlie Sheen wannabe type. A slippery slope to slide indeed ... Tall (6'4") Lots of facial hair !musician/ artist/ gentleman lone wolf biker/ sailor/ skier/comedian type with eclectic, eccentric tastes. Think Frank Zappa, Jed Clampett, Bill Murray and Rob Zombie, go to Albert Einstein's house and meet Howard Stern, Pam Anderson, Picasso, Harry Belefonte, Richard Crenna, Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver, and ZZ Top for a apple rhubarb-tini party and dinner kinda thing. If ya get my drift. I am 6'4", and 208 lbs of semi retired xrocker. I've lived "the life on the road" and would like to settle down now, with that extra special girls. I enjoy a beach with palm trees, hammocks and blender drinks, big bathtubs with candles, the morning sea, snorkeling, dipping, cruising the rural landscapes on my big, V twin mutt of a motorcycle, moonlight adventures, snuggling, ( I'm not really a 'cuddler' ) and general adventure. I am a L.A. transplant. I now live South of Syracuse and North of Binghamton, NY, no matter what any cheap tabloid says I love a good blues/rock/ska/underground/piedmont/psychobilly/swing/obscure 60's through now/Hawaiian/lounge/ newgrass/punk/outlaw/alternative/reggae/americana/mariachie band. I love art, exploring, an occasional glass of the good stuff, gardening, sailing on the tide and so many more things. I can fix almost anything. If you've gotten this far, please put the word 'Boogie' in your head line if you feel like contacting mesays mrscrewtop from america on line. That way I know your not a site scammer. Thanks. PS, I can't seem to change my age on here. I have grown up a little since I started on line dating. My one real vice: I don't smoke cigs, but I do occasionally smoke a pipe just like my grandfather, but not smelly, stinky pipe tobacco. FYI

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If your a woman of passion and grace and easily acquiesce to your deepest desires and fantasy's( no violence or any thing brazenly against the law and knows what 'acquiesce' means). I want to send you flowers and woo to speak... If your a mermaid, bird lady, artist, musician, entrepreneur, submarine racer, exotic dancer, sculptress, choke setter, lawyer, model, waitress, bartender, mysterian, driver, nurse, librarian, field or string theorist, hula dancer, academician, Dutchess, actress, percolator, farmer, movie producer, ballerina, equestrian, butterfly catcher, bisexual, singer, astronaut, star, baroness, nudist, teacher, beach bum, mystic, yachtswoman, pilot, wiccan, stage hand, body mod-ist pierced and or tattooed, barnacle scraper, exhibitionist, dreamer, politician, lamp lighter, business woman, fire eater, leather lover, movie critic or mogul, yoga instructor, biker chick, race car driver, lingerie model, comedian, or alternative energy producer, I want to hear from you. PLEASE, NO: scammers, con artists, ne'er do wells, grifters, misfits, drag queens, selfish jerks, ruffians, harbingers of doom, scalawags, hard tops, amateur killers, men, over weights, trollops, lazy bones, dumbass's, false idols, miscreants, cannibals,*****smokers, know it alls, heavy baggage handlers, fecal freaks, scoundrels, low self esteem, stoolpidgeons, psychotics/psychos, hard core evil doers, pluguglys, swindlers, hysterical masterminds, skanks, hypocrites, doobeefurkins, or prostitutes. (Rascals, mischievous pundits, rapscallions, and little scamps are OK) PS UPDATE.. I travel frequently from my hay farm in Upstate NY to Fairfield County CT... Did I mention I'm tall.... Yes I did.. twice ( senior moment ) Caveat: My memory bank closes at 5PM promptly on weekdays ...... PSS If I favorite you, that means I think you have an interesting profile. I usually do not contact women on this site initially, because I'd like to think there's some "chemistry" already. It's up to you to send me an E-mail if you have a hunch, intuition or just curious.......I'm sure there's plenty of 'aggressive' men on this site and an equal amount of 'milk toasts' as well. I am neither. Aloha

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