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  • :Hey my names Danielle.
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In dmkbiiiitch`s own words dmkbiiiitch is a single female 23 old

i'm the girl that people say that they want to be like, but never will take just seconds out of their 'busy,' schedule to sit down and talk to me. to be honest, if they knew the real me, whats behind the mask, and found out what i've been through, they wouldn't want my life. i've seen things that nobody should ever have to see and i've had things happen to me that people have nightmares about and see only on the tv. truth is, you never think anything bad will ever happen to you until it does.i tend to not trust people very easily. i've learned over the years that no matter how nice somebody seems, it doesn't mean the deserve to be trusted. often times, once you lose my trust, you never ever get it back. i remember things that people have done to me and often times hold grudges. you may forgive somebody, but it doesn't mean you'll forget what they did. i'm a lover, yet i'm also a fighter. i'm feisty and i'm strong. i'm very nice, yet i can be a total **** when i feel the need to be. i'm a dork and i can be pretty lame. i'm only 5''2. i'm the girl that you'll see dancing in the rain when you look out your window. i love to sing along with the radio with the window rolled down, not caring who hears me.i'm not a barbie doll, i can't be bought. i'm not a material girl. i do text, but i don't just hand out my number to any loser that wants it. so don't bother asking for the digits, you most likely won't get them. i'm not a whore or a booty call. i'm not going to send you pictures or have phone sex with you. and i will never go on webcam and naked for you. i don't want to see whats between your legs, so keep it in your pants and leave it there please. i'd rather be in your head then under your sheets. i'm just one girl with all these dreams that i can never seem to finish. you shouldn't get tangled up in me; i tend to push people away and get mad when they finally leave. i'm the first to jump, the last to fall, and one of the only people who plan on catching you.

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Im looking for a longterm relationship, I am looking for someone who is honest, nice, caring, and somewhat sensitive. I am not looking for cheaters, liars, users, or manipulators... and i am not looking for just sex either. so dont ask.

  • :Female
  • :23
  • :Straight
  • :Cancer
  • :Casual Encounters
    Discreet Relationship
  • :Single
  • :Yes
  • :Light
  • :5' 2 (1.57m)
  • :Caucasian
  • :Medium
  • :Green
  • :Black
  • :Contact Lenses
  • :30-18-30
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