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  • :Dangerously Passionate! I'm Intelligent, Creative, Articulate, Adventurous, & Daring! A Hopeless Romantic! Ready to be Trapped & Tamed! Beauty inspires Passion, Passion becomes Heat, Heat becomes Flames! I Love Dancing close to the Fire! Do you? Care to Dance? NSA (no strings attached) Ropes, Handcuffs, and a Blindfold will hold me much better! LOL Ready to Mate & Procreate!
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In Phy3eaux`s own words Phy3eaux is a single male 44 old

Imagine if I were to firmly push you up against a wall. Gripping both your wrist, raising them above your head, pressing my body and my lips against yours, forcing my tongue deep into your sensual, sensitive, struggling mouth turning into a long, deep, slow, passionate, french kiss!******************************************************** Would you continue to struggle, or would you wrap your sexy possessive arms around my neck & kiss me back?******************************************************** SECRETS INSIGHTS: I’m a man of discriminating taste. WARNING #1: Because I am a man of discriminating taste, I have not made love to a woman in over a year! I'm Extremely Horny! Very Potent! & Dangerously Romantically Seductive! The reason I have not made love to a woman in over a year, is because I will only make love to a woman that stirs passion and that I would marry if she were to somehow conceive in the heat of passion. Beauty inspires passion, passion becomes heat, and heat becomes flames that might cause us both to lose all self control! WARNING #2: I have this terrible oral gratification problem! I just love to eat cotton candy! It's sticky & sweet, pink, and melts when it gets hot & wet! Hmmm! Do you? Melt when you become hot and wet? If you tempt me with a taste! I promise I will make your whole body quiver with unbearable pleasure! Can you imagine grabbing my hair, your body writhing and spasming in the ecstasy of multiple orgasms, while begging me to stop? I love the taste of your honey! THINGS IN YOUR PROFILE THAT MAKE YOU IRRISISTABLE TO ME: Anything that shows me you like it when I tease you and flirt with you and you would enjoy doing the same to me. Anything that would indicate your body’s healthy ripeness, fertility, and ability to conceive. Your picture on your profile is a big plus (it makes a man incredibly hot with desire when a woman talks about conception and making a baby, even though most men would never admit it). They say when a woman is fertile & ovulating, she emits pheromones that make her irresistible, making a man crazy with desire for her! Do you think this is true? I do! All she need do is just nudge him past the point of no return and he will surrender willingly! When I read in your profile next to: “PLAYING SAFE” and I see “NO” My whole body & mind becomes HOT for a woman I imagine is confident, adventurous, & daring! I never understood why a woman goes through the effort & risk of shaving her kitten bald? Just seeing the word “NATURAL” on your profile sets my imagination and body on FIRE! It gives me the irresistible burning desire to see if I can make your kitty purr! Last but not least, if you decide to contact me, DON”T bore me with I want I want I want, especially the first couple times we chat. Save this for a time after you have hooked me with your charm, grace, beauty, intellect, & wit and you have become the most irresistibly desirable woman that I must have. When you begin with “I want I want I want” I will politely finish our chat, place you on ignore, and look for another woman because I already know what you want because I have already heard it from 100s of other women 100’s of times before! MEN HATE THIS! Show me you are different. Tell me something interesting & stimulating. Flirt with me. Tease me. Tell me something you found uniquely interesting about my profile when you read it. Ask me something imaginative (or maybe even something totally off the wall) that will kindle an interesting chat so I will crave you even more. If I view your profile lots, I’m interested. If I give you 5 Stars I’m very interested. If I Rate you, send you a wink, kiss, hug, or smile, “OMG” then I am imagining what it would be like to make mad passionate love to you! And I am a man of discriminating taste. Hint! Hint! Wink! Wink! ALWAYS REMEMBER: "If you can't turn the man you want on, then you can't have him"!

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A Woman Adventurous & Daring, Mature, Intelligent & Confident in her Sexuality, with a trusting ability to openly communicate likes and dislike, wants & desires! Willing to take Risks! Aggressive & Possessive! "To know a woman's mind, you must know her fears. To know her soul, you must know her dreams. For a woman to love you, she must trust you with both. For her heart holds her greatest fears, and her wildest dreams". ************************************************************************** Have you ever aggressively pursued and seduced the man of your dreams? ************************************************************************** They say when a woman is fertile & ovulating, she emits pheromones that make her irresistible, making a man crazy with desire for her! Do you think this is true? I Do! ************************************************************************** Would you? Have you ever just lost all self control, giving in to desire, and risked getting pregnant in the heat of passion? ************************************************************************** HOW SHE TOOK CONTROL & GOT HER MAN ************************************** ONE PARTICULAR night in a club socializing and casually dancing with the ladies, there was one particular lady I had known and danced with before on occasion, that was dressed noticeably more provocatively than usual. This was an evening she had planned for some time! Before the dawn she would have her lover, a husband, a father, her mate for life! I could not resist the urge to ask her to dance. (Her plan has begun) Throughout the course of our dance and casual conversation (which of course led to a bit of naughty flirting) I could not help but notice just a subtle hint of an intoxicating fragrance (a perfume)? Little did I realize this was a fragrance (the pheromones of a fertile woman in heat) that was creating within me an unconscious desire and a craving for more! (an uncontrolable primal desire & need within me to mate with this woman) Our dance ended with a customary kiss which was just a bit deeper, longer, and more seductive than usual. (some how sweeter tasting) She then followed me back to my intimately secluded table and offered to buy me a drink. Offering my company in return, we spent the evening drinking, dancing, & conversing. Her furry little kitten was damp with excitement and anticipation of what she had planned. Insuring my senses were properly prepared, she covertly coated the rim of my drinks with her sweet tasting honey. Conversation became Teasing & Flirting, Teasing & Flirting became Seductive Taunting, (at this point she strategically, confidently, whispering seductively in my ear, “you know you want me, don’t you? You want to make love to me! You want to mate with me! Solidifying the burning desire that would imprint on my mind forever! Seductive fires had been lit! Seductive Taunting then became Passionate Kissing and Fondling one another! She now knew I was hers. Somehow I was more tipsy than she! Now filled with an unexplainable & irresistible burning desire for her! Her Baby Trap now baited and set! I, not realizing that this evening, She was a Huntress and I was her Prey! Somehow things progressed quickly and my not being quite fully aware, found myself in the intimacy of her flat caressing her from behind as her heated body was melting into my chest. Kissing her bare shoulder and little love bites to the back of her neck just beneath her hair that was funneling her scent into my flaring nostrils that she knew was exciting me to a state of sexual frenzy. She cooed as my hands caressed her firm round breast and teasing her hardening nipples. Slipping her hands behind her and in between us, she could feel the huge bulge of my excitement & desire for her straining against the fabric of my slacks! She could not resist messaging and making my tool grow! All she need do now is allow me to fulfill my natural desires! She wanted me and would allow me deep inside her without any protection. She turned and we locked into a long, deep, slow passionate kiss as she lead me toward her bed. Her soft smile and gentle touch let me know it was ok for me to remove her clothing and her to remove mine, revealing my manhood which was now standing fully erect and pulsing before her! Her soft seductive smile turning into a devious grin of delight! She noticed a bead of precum oozing from the tip of my circumcised babymaker. "Oh-h, is this for me?" she asked. Reaching out, she began stroking my huge tool gently, grabbing it and leading it to her blossoming flower, rubbing the head gently up and down the folds of her hungry swelling peddles, coating it with her honey. Every fiber of my body now aching with desire for this seductive tigress! A female in heat, ready to be mated! All I could think about was pleasing her and how I wanted to make her whole body & soul quiver with unbearable pleasure. Locked in another irresistible passionate kiss, she knew I would soon be unleashing millions of my potent sperm, deep into her convulsing fertile womb, an explosive & massive assault, as one will emerge victoriously, tickling, kissing, and then entering her awaiting egg. She slowly leaned back purposely losing balance, falling onto her bed, pulling me gently on top, whispering in my ear, "enter me, please me, inseminate me, impregnate me, make me yours forever"! Full knowing I could no longer resist her. Drawing her knees apart and back to allow me easy entry. “Mate with me if you want me! Entering her raw, penetrating slowly and deliberately, our hips now moving in perfect rhythm. Removing her wet tongue from my inner ear she whispered, "You do want me! I love you so much! You feel so wonderful!” Our bodies were on fire! “I love that you are risking impregnating me while I'm so horny for you and at the peak of my fertile cycle my love!" She knew I was hers! We were in her bed, now fucking like bunnies in heat, BAREBACK! I now craved this woman so much! I needed to make her mine! I could feel her vaginal walls vibrating and convulsing in a heightened state of extasy surrounding my entire tool, she on the verge of explosive orgasms, as my long, hard, thick unprotected love muscle pounded balls deep up against her cervix! I could feel, see, smell, and almost taste her thick vaginal cream (an indicator of her bodies fertile readiness & ripeness for impregnation) as it smeared on to my pelvic region, scent marking me as hers and hers alone! Waiting for just the right moment, and sensing a point of no return, (the huntress gently snares her willing prey) She tightly wrapped her arms and legs around me, locking my overly stimulated baby maker even deeper inside her hot hungry womb saying “show me how much you want me now! "Come on my love, do it. Fuck me, fuck me good. I want to be ridden to completion and feel your hot potent sperm shooting deep inside me." "Cum for me my love”! Cum for me now if you want to make a baby and marry me"! OMG! I began erupting like a fire hose! Spasm after Spasm after Spasm! Blasting at least 7 long thick ropes of my hot sperm filled cream past her convulsing cervix and deep into her fertile garden of life! Now after my complete surrender and the huntress having captured her prey, we kissed and cuddled in one another's arms falling into blissful slumber. I awoke the next morning to this devious vixen coxing my love muscle into another raging hardon, quickly taking full advantage, mounting me, and draining me once again of all my potent cream! Stating "I want to have your baby and I want to marry you! Intoxicated & lost in the fog of desire and passion for her, the morning air filled with her squeals of blissful satisfaction from orgasm after orgasm after orgasm as we made mad passionate love for the rest of the morning. It was the most incredible state of eroticism and love making I had ever experienced! However she did not conceive. Four months later when I saw and danced with her once again, she delightfully informed me she was pregnant by and engaged to be married to another man. Had I impregnated her that evening, I would have proposed marriage and we might have been happily married today. As I reflect back, it was really quite HOT to think she choose me!

  • :Male
  • :44
  • :Straight
  • :Cancer
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  • :Single
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  • :5' 11 (1.80m)
  • :Caucasian
  • :Medium
  • :Hazel
  • :Black
  • :Yes
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