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  • :Life is far to short to be fussy. Enjoy what is available, as tomorrow yo may regret turning me down.
  • :No
  • :No

In Peggy-sven`s own words Peggy-sven is a male 55 old

I am 1.80m tall, blondish, old age has changed the blond to something that is not grey, but not blond. I am about 5" in length, but have developed my tongue to do the talking, if that is the word. I am secure in who I am, I do not believe that I am lacking in anything, as making love is something that is not perfected by length, but in how each other finds what they are looking for. Sex is the most fun we can have without laughing, but laughter may make it even better than it would have been.

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I am useless at promoting myself. I would rather listen to a woman that has definite ideas as to what SHE wants. What I want is not the subject of discussion. The woman that I would like to be a partner for, will know what it is she is looking for in life. I will supply the adventure that she did not know she wanted. The actual act is short, but it is the kissing, touching, kissing, tasting, licking and general touching that makes sex so special. Without trust and understanding, whether it be spanking, gentle, or wild sex, it takes trust and cuddles to make it special.

  • :Male
  • :55
  • :Straight
  • :Aries
  • :Saucy Email or chat
    Casual Encounters
    Discreet Relationship
  • :Yes
  • :Social
  • :5' 11 (1.80m)
  • Weight
    :178 lbs
  • :Caucasian
  • :Medium
  • :Blue
  • Facial Hair
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