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Just so I'm clear a GSpot Orgasm is the one type of orgasm out of four kinds total that the medical profession has said that women who cannot have others can have this just as likely as anyone. It is fuller (can last 15 minutes to a couple of hours), more intensive (10x and for. some incalculable) as 8-12+ orgasms can be reached with practice and relative ease as you learn to let go. The travesty is that Ivy Leauge medical journals have found in polling that 99% of men mistake this distinct spot for anything and everything but what you need. Many will think its the cervix, others thinks its others buttons and as many as 15% have said they have no idea, never heard of it and think they "got it but thanks." Ignorance is so not bliss in this situation as Dr. Ernest Grafenburg pre-WWII find relys on more synapses and the body shooting electic impulses up and down from the ball of a woman's foot up the nerves and to the G-Spot which thanks to reading, something women do about men non-stop, with time we'll find the spot quickly about as quick as my car gets to 60mph, which is under 5 seconds, maybe even do both at the same time? ;p The Dr. was an Ophthalmologist before changing fields...heh glad Lenscrafters does throw that in an eye exam hah. I think it's time to explore. Time to enjoy. Time find out that even a long necked rooster like I carry in my cargo short there are many ways to turn the off button on - so the engine blows like a banshee howl flush as if riding the rails into a jello quiver that has been engorging every inch of my hilt; or simply half an index finger or many possibilities that wonders might need cease...o.O Intrigued? I am and intrigued about us going there going there as one. I guess this would the be shades dear C.G. failed to know or care to learn. Oh well, perhaps Audi isn't the ultimate driving machine forbade reason :) Lets have fun. Time me, as we speed down the road twin turbos blasting pressure as the ramp leads to the highway and the gearbox slides quickly in and out and up as revolutions are pushing 8,000 per minute. Let this be as new to me at least in this depth of knowledge, as it is for you. These orgasms theories suggest most (85%) can have and much more to about like the other three and variety of things that should explored and enjoyed if you're up for it, I am. "It came to the point where as soon as he touched my G-spot I would start to feel very engorged, so much so that I almost pushed his..." and so much more that it keeps you holding on... // This is not a one trick pony, but to find out more you're going to have to ask me. So ask me my dear and let's riddle each others inner rhapsodical yearning for the vast and exciting of all sensations. Put past dingy's and sailfish, tiny boats of all kinds away to the low tides that stifles and let us untwine together and turn your currents against the past bourne ceaselessly onward as the high tide rushes out against the shore of where you are and ditto as I whisper across the nape of your neck. Lips and a firm grip of your waist as the vowels and consonents beget me to pronounce a mere second wisp of your name, the one I say, blown like a breeze over your silhouette traced in white sand and across your silky skin. I will gaze into your dapple doe wide eyed stare syncopated with each movement and breath looking into each others eyes as I yearn to fixate my view into you and those windows to your soul. Indeed. (So beg the question, is this for real? Am I for real, waiting, for you? 100% of shots never taken will ever be made so are you ready to shoot? I think so. ;-) ??MISTER??

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She'll know it when I know it.

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