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In MDIESQ`s own words MDIESQ is a divorced male 47 old

I am well educated, spontaneous, quick witted, humorous (just ask me), intelligent, motivated, confident, loyal, truthful, full of faith, hopeful, caring and sometimes sarcastic… It is not within my DNA and/or chemical makeup to believe that everything is not possible. Deep down, I truly feel that I can accomplish anything. This may sound naïve, but it’s just who I am and generally, when someone states that something is not possible, I will go out of my way to prove them wrong…as long as it is something that is constructive.:-) I own a law corporation as well as a paralegal services business. My practice consists of Civil Litigation, Business formation and Litigation, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Wills and Trusts. With the amount of education that I have obtained, I really should be a brain surgeon instead of a trial attorney. I have an AA in Paralegal Studies; a BS in Political Science and English, and a Juris Doctorate or law degree (but doesn't juris doctorate sound so much more like a brain surgeon or something? :-) I am licensed to practice law in California and while I was in school I obtained a real estate license. When I grow up, I would really like to finish writing my book and become an actor...I figure with all the acting experience that I am gaining from the practice of law, I should walk away with an academy award after my first year in the business.

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I am divorced and have a very amicable relationship with my former spouse which is good since we have awesome children together. I believe that jealousy was the downfall of my marriage. I am not a jealous person and do not understand the reasoning behind a woman becoming jealous by acts of third parties for which I have no control. To become angry at me because some woman smiled at me and/or intentionally made eye contact, flirted etc., I find very annoying. It is now just as important for me to find a woman who I consider to be my best friend as it is to find a woman that I am completely attracted to. Those traits that I just listed are not necessarily what Iook for in a woman. Additionally, I did not pick those characteristics in order to have a “Trophy” on my arm. I don’t have the time and wouldn’t even if I did, go around looking for women who possess those traits. The simple truth of the matter is that when I find myself attracted to a woman, that woman always possesses all or most of those characteristics. That having been said, what is of equal importance to the physical attraction, and what will cause me to become enamored by a woman is her personality, sense of humor, confidence, values, character, attitude, humility, poise and charisma. I have dated numerous physically beautiful women and even married a gorgeous woman only to learn that very few of them are capable of and/or willing to be themselves and not pretentious because they happen to be physically flawless. I want one who is, in my eyes, physically flawless and with the exception of taking a proactive role in taking care of herself, gives little or no thought to the fact that she if physically flawless (again in my eyes). I want this woman to show me her true personality, which if it is her true personality and she possesses some of those non physical attributes that I mentioned, will make her flawless period in my eyes. It maybe a pipe dream, but I believe that the woman I will eventually marry will be my best friend as well. She will be someone who loves to laugh and is capable of making me laugh as well. I have a very outgoing, strong personality and have been told from time to time…ok pretty much by everyone that knows me…that sarcasm is pretty much my second nature. I love to joke around and often do or say things spontaneously just for shock value. At the same time, I am a gentleman and believe that every woman should be put upon a pedestal by a man who will respect her and treat her like a princess. Treating the woman that I am with like a princess and with the love and respect she deserves is something that I want and intend to do. I also want this gorgeous woman who is my best friend to appreciate the fact that I treat her like a princess, not take it for granted. So if you’re a woman that does not want to be treated like a princess and well respected, then you should probably delete my profile…just do it easy… I view myself as being strong, confident and I expect a lot from myself. I take good care of myself and am competitive by nature. Ideally, I would like to meet a woman is equally strong and confident, A woman who takes good care of herself and even pampers herself. I realize that all of this may sound complicated and/or more trouble than it's worth..However, I believe that the woman I have described above would read this and think to herself..."that woman is me."

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