Upload a photo from your mobile by MMS.

Now the process of uploading a photo to your profile is very simple. All you need is to select a photo in your mobile phone and just upload it to your profile. Use these simple tips given below.

Follow these tips step by step and you will easily upload your photo:

1. Include your mobile phone number in your profile. 2. Take a photo with your phone or select one you have taken before. 3. Send your photo and add the text UFI via MMS to XXXX XXX XXXX from the phone, which has the same number as you included in your profile. 4. Your photo will be automatically uploaded to your profile.

Important information!
You must update your profile including your mobile phone number in it before following the instructions above. Otherwise your photo won’t be uploaded. To update your profile you should go to My Account | general, where the box for inserting your number is situated.

If any audio or unnecessary text is included in your MMS message, these elements will be ignored and only the image will be uploaded.