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  • amanda, 46seeking a nice looking man

  • 4u-Bella, 43I am extraordinarily loyal and expect my man to court me...

  • Oneofyourownluv, 23I don't just concentrate on making a first impression, but a second, third, fourth, ...

  • ElenaMorandi, 28I'm just a woman who wants to be happy.

  • lorettalove, 35looking for a stable relationship

  • joann, 34am so cute

  • malibu, 46I am a hopeless romatic, that see's the glass half full rather than half empty.

  • ivy_p, 46If to talk about sense of life I can answer it definitely - LOVE.

  • candy, 25When I go out, EVERYBODY knows it, and everybody wants to join because Im the outgoing, ...

  • hot_queen, 37A man who I can trust with

  • janette, 29Ready for some fun.

  • evajo, 27I love life and I would love to share my optimism with the decent man.

  • audrey, 33Do you think you can play?

  • peggy, 40where is my True Love

  • cutegirl, 43I know myself and looking for a man who knows himself.

  • benzb, 38I truly believe that you are a wonderful and beautiful person looking for the same ...

  • senseofhumor, 46Who wants to work off a little stress every now and then?

  • samanthatilly, 43I believe in the concept of love and marriage and expect my man to believe in the ...