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Yep, they are faker, just learn to live with it

March 26, 2014
Yep, they are faker, just learn to live with it

Hope, I'm wrong but these days I'm sure that 85% (no-no-no, 90%!!!) of adult men and women aren't completely sincere with their feeling when it comes to “no strings contacts” (making friends with potential sex partner just for adult fun having).

To be more specific, grown-up boys and girls are used to fake their orgasms when having sex regardless of their current lovers “status:” be it a regular love mate or come-and-go fuck buddy, millions of men and women prefer to act against their conscience just to avoid possible (and very unpleasant) explanations and excuses.

Infographic explaining how frequently people fake orgasms and why they do it

Well, who and why dose actually fake sweet moments of climax? The following infografic taken from Justin Lehmiller's personal blog (http://www.lehmiller.com) provides pretty interesting statistics able to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning all those piquant moments of the fake in-bed performance:


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