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When a Woman Loves Another Woman: Bad Things Happen

November 8, 2012
When a Woman Loves Another Woman: Bad Things Happen

They have been passionately dating for five years. They have been engaged to each other for three long years. Now that the state of New-York legalized same-sex marriages, the two have decided to… split up. What’s wrong with this world?

Today we speak about Heather Matarazzo and her ex-girlfriend (as well as a former fiancée) – Caroline Murphy. The two have never even tried to hide the fact that they are both lesbians. On the contrary – they exposed this fact each time both in public and in press. They loved each other for five years and now when they had a chance to officially “register” their right to create a family-unit, the decision to break up seems, well… a little bit outrageous.

However, it is their decision, it is their life and they can do with it whatever they wish. One may say that five years of dating is a period long enough to end up into something serious. Another may say that it means nothing at all. The decision is yours to take.


They planned to hold a wedding with 200 guests invited. They even made plans for having a babe (adopted, of course!) and they even were THAT close to be pronounced as “wife and wife” in California. Thus the Proposition 8 changed their plans and gave the possibility to get married in their home town New-York and everyone though that the did is done. But “queer” folks are queer indeed!

A steamy romance it was: with a happy fable, promising storyline, awesome climax and… bad ending.

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