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Trust in relations means healthy life

February 28, 2013
Trust in relations means healthy life

You might already have noticed that your well-being is often connected with the sincerity and fullness of our emotional qualities demonstration. However, it's rather surprising to know that such “features” like trust may control not only the “happiness level” of our love relations, but also the state of our health.

According to “A healthy dose of trust: The relationship between interpersonal trust and health” published in Personal Relationships, trust is a healthy way to keep your relations and bodies in shape. As follows from a survey conducted in the framework of the study, dating, engaged, and married couples reported higher level of general body tone when both partners trust each other. And it's all clear: the less we suspect our beloved ones in deception, the better we feel; the better we feel, the less stressed is our nervous system. And so on, and so on. Eventually, in front of us stands the image of a healthy and happy person, capable to give and appreciate love.

Schneider I. K., lead author of the study summed up the results of the study as follows: “Exercising trust in your relationship is good for your mind and body.” It's not easy but totally worth it!

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