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TOP-5 Hobbies for Family Couples

February 7, 2013
TOP-5 Hobbies for Family Couples

Everyone knows that each couple needs a hobby (apart from making children). Any decent activity both of you like doing will keep your union healthy, love tight and mind occupied. As a matter of fact, any common interest you share ads something like 5 years to an overall period during which you’ll stay together.

Don’t you have a decent hobby with your hubby yet or do you want to get yourselves another one? Excellent, here are TOP-5 pastimes you should definitely try out with your sex partner, husband or boyfriend.

Hell’s Kitchen

Cooking is a very popular entertainment for married people. There is a great amount of information about how to cook in the Internet so all the wasted hours near the kitchen are off. On the contrary, tons of superbly spent time is going to be yours. Learn new recipes, set new world cooking records (within your family), make photos and post them in social networks. Apron fun is cool, check it out! NOTE: open a cooking school at home and teach your friends to “fry eggs”.

Master Yoga

Even the most freaking out, zippy and mind-blowing (literally) relationship smoothens and calms down after both partners visit yoga lessons. The effect is similar to the one after hooking up at free online dating sites, having a rough sex and then smoking a pipe with a jar of whiskey near the fireplace.

Call of Duty

Are you tired of watching your man shooting Nazis or exterminating villain demons?

Then take a second gamepad and join him! The one who loses gives oral, 10 kisses or does erotic massage. The adrenaline flow released while playing video games will boost your libido greatly leading to more, um, adult games.

Twiddle the Pedal

Wonderful adult dating “session” can be easily built upon a romantic bicycle ride. Lots of things to see, fresh air, physical training: three cornerstones of an excellent date. Go for it as often as possible and your relationship will be not only healthy but intimate as well. NOTE: Don’t forget to take a camera with you to shoot all your fascinating quests!


Collect things you both share interest at – wine, stamps, art, sugar sticks, cups, etc. Everything which represents your mutual interest has to be carefully gathered, collected and kept as a memory. Pay attention to this useful hint: try to collect things related to your relationship. They will help you to weather arguments and recollect in memory occasions dear to your hearts.

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