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This Is Why Britney Spears Is Freaking Mad!

January 21, 2013
This Is Why Britney Spears Is Freaking Mad!

This time Britney is absolutely furious! The fact is the she has been recently sacked from a famous talent show – X-factor. The fact is that the management hasn’t offered her to sign the contract for the next season. Therefore, this one is her last one being a judge.

According to insiders, the stumbling block of the whole process is not her violent behavior, uncertainty with sex partners or constant problems with law but… expensive contract. Money makes the word go round, right? Given low ratings of the current season and Britney’s enormous financial appetite, producers have decided to kick her out. Good choice but… was is so necessary?

The verdict is not that pleasant: YES, it was necessary! X-factor officials have made a decision that Simon Cowell was mistaken when he invited Spears to be one of the judges. They all thought that such a crucial step will increase the audience and re-boost the popularity of their beloved talent show. However, nothing positive happened while people stayed indifferent to such a “celebrity endorsement trick”. A vital mistake was made and now officials made a decision to part ways with a “former starlet” who generates a huge Black Pitch in the budget.

By and large, the deed is done! From now one Britney sets off to wander the steamy world of adult dating trying to get a new husband while her former X-factor “judging” partner (and a much younger lady) – Demi Lovato – got her personal contract prolonged for another year. Well done for… both girls!

The most astonishing thing in this whole story is that Britney (although being kicked out) earned $58 mln in 2012 and hit the top of most highly-paid female singers according to Forbes. Well, today she sings worse than when Britney was 16 but she at least earns a LOT, lot, l-o-o-o-o-o-t more!

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