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The icy calm can kindle the fire of passion in woman's heart

March 28, 2013
The icy calm can kindle the fire of passion in woman's heart

World of science continues to delight and amaze us with discoveries made in field of men-to-women relationship. This time researchers tried to deal with the situation we can often see on movie screens and the pages of all kinds of novels: ladies prefer arrogant conceited boys to good, well-bred guys.

New study from the University of British Columbia suggests such possibility, at least, in terms of sexual preferences. The results of a series of experiments revealed the following curious situation: “smiling men as less attractive than proud, confident men.” Of course, if you are “proud and confident,” it doesn't mean you are one of the “bad guys.” The main thing here is: openhearted and smiling “dear” one has less chances to become successful in sphere of sexual relations in comparison with his handsome and cold counterpart. Scientist believe that such situation can be explained as follows: evolutionary, women prefer to deal with serious and reliable partners. In this case, proud and arrogant appearance can be associated with status and success. “Reproductively speaking, men are looking for fertile, sexually available partners,” the report says.

However, another research shows: “although nice guys are perceived to be less sexually successful, they are more desired for committed relationships. More women choose the nice guy over the bad boy for a date.”

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