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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Have It Serious

February 8, 2013
Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Have It Serious

A famous country singer Taylor Swift has taken a long trip on her 23th birthday which is going to take place on Thursday. Her new boyfriend Harry Styles (oh yeas, now they are official!) decided to travel over the rural scenes of North England. Well, a rather unusual choice for a young starlet but nevertheless a pretty much remarkable one!

Unlike some posh nonsense as Selena Gomes who would rather prefer to give out another foolish concert with her sex partner not Justin Bieber, Taylor revealed herself as a truly creative and talented individual who gets inspiration in genuinely inspiring places such as Lake District or Peak District situated around London.

According to eye-witnesses, a happy couple – Taylor and Harry – enjoyed a romantic dinner by fire in a country pub, made lots of photos, picked up a solid amount of Christmas souvenirs for children and even sang traditional songs in one of the shops!

One day before her birthday, Swift decided to give a bite to a traditional English food in the Rising Sun pub in North Valley famous for its classic Albion cuisine. Insiders report that she turned out to be very happy by how a good old homemade pie tastes especially with a pint of bitter. While such “stars” as the Kardashians mess around in chat rooms for adults trying to find a decent hubby, really talented people chose appropriate pastime and leisure activities.

To cut a long story short, now it is possible to 100% confirm that Harry and Taylor are now a couple. They have already come out official, holding hands all the time and smiling. Well, we wish you best of luck guys both in your relationship and creative efforts!

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