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Talk to Your Guy About THIS and You’ll Break up in 2 Weeks

April 15, 2013
Talk to Your Guy About THIS and You’ll Break up in 2 Weeks

There are some things you definitely don’t want to talk about seriously with your guy unless you want to get rid of him ASAP. Mind that some topics are totally shut up for any romantic relationship by a massive lock used for keeping warehouses safe. Talk about them or even mention them and you’ll get into serious a trouble. Here are TOP-7 things you must never mention in a conversion with a guy whom you love and care about.

No Parents Attached

Even if you totally HATE your in-laws or simply cannot stand the parents of your boyfriend, keep it to yourself. Even if he feels negative about them too, you’d better never say that you look eye to eye with him. What to do? Lie!

Some “Things” Are Too Personal

Try to avoid discussing things which concern your personal hygiene. His knowing why exactly you have been in the bathroom for 20 minutes must never happen. Same stuff about your guy – never ask him and never indulge him telling you about…”the poop-time stuff”.

Caleb-Crush Mode: OFF

Even given the fact that you have 0,000001% chance to have it with a celeb you secretly love, don’t discuss it with your partner. Though it is ridiculous and funny, you’d better drop that detail down all the time.

No Mysteries Revealed

Never lay off your entire “cards” in front of your partner. Never reveal him your secrets of being yourself (funny, smart, well-dressed, etc.) The sense of intrigue must be maintained in every relationship.

Don’t Freak Out

Oh, yes! Any psychiatrist will tell you that freaking out on your partner just because you have a bad mood or if that nasty-little-gruesome-pimple stroke you out of blue is harmful even for… you and you alone.

“Tell me, am I fat?”

Do you seek the opinion of your partner whether you are fat each time after you eat something? Well, he’ll be 150% right, if he dumps such a hysterical shrew as yourself. Never ask such questions!

Don’t Release the “Kraken”

It’s cool about your guy knowing that you’re on your periods, that there will be no babies this month, etc. However, this is ALL he needs to know about your Flo-coming-to-town. No gross details, please.

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