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SHOCK: Is Your Man a “Lounge Lizard”?

December 27, 2012
SHOCK: Is Your Man a “Lounge Lizard”?

At first you start dating a buffed up and funny, and “loving”, and caring Tomcat however in a couple of weeks you realize that you are dating a real monster – Gigolo! You don’t want to spend your money on an easy-rider, right? Then check your new guy whether he needs you or your wallet.

The problem is that it is a hard thing to do on your first date. Well, it is the core concept of every gigolo – win girl’s affection and then strike down when her awareness is the weakest. Mind that the more money he wants to suck dry from you, the longer first stage is going to last. However, every fist stage is followed by the second one, right?

Basically, it is here where true nature of lounge lizards reveals itself to the maximum. As a rule, your guy suddenly starts having “totally unexpected” financial issues and needs your very monetary aid:

- Beware, if he asks you for money directly

- Beware, if he doesn’t get you acquainted with his surrounding, friends or relatives

- Beware, if he doesn’t tell you where he’s working or if he’s not working somewhere at all - Beware, if he starts whining all the time about the situation which requires “more money to cope with”

- Beware, if he suddenly starts to “forget his wallet at home” more often than once

- Especially beware, if he asks you to buy him something valuable and costly

Are you suspecting your new date in being a hound dog? Test him, then! The easiest way to expose and unmask him is to… ask him to borrow you a sum of money in return. If he’s a man of honor, it won’t be a problem. If he suddenly cuts off all contacts with you and doesn’t appear around for days, then know that he’s a real-deal gigolo.

Although kept-men are known as brilliant lovers (that’s how they basically earn their living), you should not keep them for too long. Don’t you ever give him money and in your turn use his “sexual skills” to the maximum until he notices that he has been already “fried” long ago. By and large, play smart!

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